Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

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  1. The sprayer says it turned up like it and the tow truck company are saying the exhaust just fell off when moving it.
    The whole type 4 exhaust was off in the back of the van with the heat exchangers still attached all bent and buckled and there is a huge dent in the side and seal. The shock absorber has also snapped in half shunted forward and taken out the drive shaft. It's undriveable.
    The paint job is shoddy and no one is taking responsibility.
    It has clearly fallen off the tow truck at speed.
    Any advice greatly appreciated. I'm heart broken.

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  2. That is horrendous. Feel for you there. Sounds like it may have fallen off the side of the truck, running it off the truck maybe. Don't let this go. Get back to the tow people. As you say, there is no way the exhaust can just fall off. They are lying. Has it snapped the heads where the exhaust attaches as well?
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  3. Did they paint it with a dent in the side and not tell you??? Sounds like it fell off after painting.

    You seem to have two issues, the poor paint job and the damage.
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  4. :TTIWWP:
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  5. Jeez!!! Ruddy cowboys.
    Name and shame. Don't want anyone else using that lot.
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  6. So when did you find out about the vehicle damage and the poor paint job? Surely both the sprayer and the tow truck company should have called you as soon as the damage was noted. You need to ask questions of both of them to find out the true facts.

    Then you can decide what action you will take.
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    Take photos and get yourself a solicitor
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  8. before any recovery company lifts any vehicle they have to do a pre lift inspection and mark any defects too show you .ask for it , if not ,contact transport manager its the law they have to keep records
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  9. Another nail in the coffin of so-called tradesmen down these parts .
    Used to drive past your van a couple of times a week and noticed it was missing ...
    Gutted they've screwed you over , I had the same problem with a local cowboy who took 3 weeks at a grand a week to give it a quick once over and stuck it in the oven resulting in a warped roof .
    Nothing like the magnitude of your issues but why can't people just do what they say they'll do anymore ??
    Idiots ..

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  10. That is awful. Presumably the van was driveable (everything attached) when you took it to the sprayers?
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    That’s assuming it’s a pukka company and not a cheap as possible/ scrap dealer car mover with zero cover
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  13. Rouge Traders. Ring the bbc.
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  14. true but if your paying money they still have to be insured
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  15. ^This. If it's proper mover, these things happen. Easiest for him to just hold his hand up and his insurers would pay for it. Why lie about it?
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  16. So sorry to hear this , what is wrong with people, accidents happen but at least own up to it and face the consequences, hope you get it sorted

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  17. From my experience with a BIG loss on a "resto" I have to say right away, put your health first ... There will be a solution down the line, and other people will help, so don't let it be bigger than you.
    Take the steps (some already suggested) take your time, and all will be well :hug:
    If those vents I have are the right fit they're yours fer nowt, as a small "consolation prize" :thumbsup:
  18. sorry to hear this.
    all i can offer is sympathy and empathy, i'm afraid. by the time i got my bus back from the 'sprayer', after he moved premises and changed mobile number, i was just pleased to it back. of course, i'm paying for the rubbish job again now (rust) but was just so relieved i got it back eventually.
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  19. The title says "sent my van for a cheap spray job and its come back damaged". Which suggests the van was recovered to the sprayer and then recovered back home again presumably by the same delivery firm. Following on, it seems the sprayer claims the van arrived already damaged. The tow truck company have admitted the exhaust fell off when moving it. Was that when moving it to the sprayer? as the sprayer said it arrived damaged.

    The shoddy paint job is a separate issue and needs to be discussed and resolved with the sprayer.
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  20. Been through similar

    I feel your pain
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