Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by janerodger, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. I like guessing and assuming
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  2. I had poor service from a 'specialist' once. I didn't think I was going to get anywhere, but found a template for a letter of complaint (using google). I'll try to dig it out, but basically the letter politely told the company that I wanted the complaint dealt with professionally, and that I would not go slagging them off on forums and social media, and should they refuse to compensate me I would be taking them to court. Once the owner realised that I wasn't threatening him, and was serious about keeping the complaint between us, but was prepared to go to court if necessary, he did indeed compensate me in full, and was very sincere in his apology.
    Be positive, don't get into a slagging match because you will become his enemy. This might have a good ending yet.
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  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    And I like reading it!
    Doesn’t help the OP though!
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  4. mine do cos that's what they need to do.
    So shut it secret moderator
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  5. I don't disagree with checking people out, but experience tells me that even those recommended can fail, so to speak, to provide the goods. Given what we are talking about they are unlikely to provide a detailed contract as such, you might be lucky to get a poorly cobbled together estimate. My point was more that given the relatively modest sums involved there is no point suing or other action if they have no money or they are unlikely to pay, all it will give you is high blood pressure, sometimes you have to learn to walk away.
  6. ron


    small claims court - check it out doesn,t cost a lot
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  7. It wasn't me :)
  8. we look forward to an update and those all important pics.
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    Nor me. :)
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  10. Some pictures of how it was beforehand might be useful too, as up to date as possible.
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  11. Poptop2

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    Very very odd.

    But very very funny. :lol::lol:

    I think the op needs to take lots of pictures, gather all information emails etc and go to their insurance company. I’m pretty certain they won’t cough up for a ruined van without investigation. I’d hope they wouldn’t :confused:
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    Fair point.

    Personally I like to avoid the car crash, rather than being good at managing the actual crash once it's happened.

    I have sympathies for the op, no matter what the price that's a shocking outcome for them and I hope it works itself out.
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    Saying that cost has no bearing on service is just daft. Of course it does! Why do you think some people happily pay to fly 1st class for example? Economy uses the same plane, but the service is like comparing chalk and cheese...:
  14. :thinking: your paying for a completely different service there (larger seats, free drinks, extra leg room etc) not really compareable.
    If i pay for a paint job to a pre determined standard whatever that cost may be i'd expect that service, if they can't provide it for that cost then the onus is on them, not for them to turn around afterwards and say it was a cheap job pal.
    Price is subjective, my cheap is another mans expensive and vice versa, simples :D
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  15. :TTIWWP:
  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    But by her own admission it went off for a “cheap paint job”.
    Be interesting to see the photos.
    Expensive is often crap; but cheap is rarely good.
    No excuse for any damage though.
  17. Maybe that was a blow over and not a full strip down like glass, seals door off etc.

    My mate owns a bodyshop and i used to regularly buy damaged motors, repair on my drive/ at his bodyshop then get him to blow over them, they were allways cheap jobs but allways correct.

    I just don't get peoples perceptions of cheap means crap, when i was self employed and work was going through a quiet patch customers would often get a great job done on the cheap as i'd rather have something coming in than nothing!
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  18. I was going to say exactly this. I don't know the position in law but I would expect there to be a correlation between price paid and what service you get/expect - a spray job infers one expectation but a cheap spray job something else. Anyway we are all speculating on limited info.
  19. My gut is they may back down if they see how upset she is and if they value their reputation . It’s not a full resto and it is cheap job so .............. and an accident or lack of care has taken place ?? Have they been paid ? If they have is there a bill and was there a quote of works to be done , too many unknowns to make comments really . Very sad for her though .:(
  20. It may turn out to be cheapest to cry a bit, then find out if you can get replacement parts from an otherwise unserviceable bus either direct from the guy with the cutter, or through e.g. FBI VW.

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