Any cyclists out there? Road bikes specifically...I want to buy my first bike

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Tatty, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Got home with my slightly over budget guitar and amp to receive a phone call about 10 minutes later from the restorer to tell me the doors were full of filler and rust and new ones would make more sense. They cost quite a lot :(
  2. Well you've still got a handlebar moustache @Jack Tatty . That's a start...
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  3. Ah! Now I see, because you were talking about a fender (strat, tele or a.n other?), I was thinking guitar pick up, not THE Pick up :)
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  4. Yes mate, that's true.....still, bike will probably be on back burner til new year. Am happy with my "impulse" buy but still feel a bit "What have I done?!?!?"
  5. Meanwhile I put on my lycra and rode a whole mile today - half of which was downhill. I'm a HORSE of a man.
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  6. think you'll probably get as much pleasure, albeit of a different kind, from the Gretsch....:cool:
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  7. Hopefully, it's bloody loud that's for sure :D
  8. I think my wife has bought one today she just phoned me and said shes on her menstrual cycle
  9. Always need a wheel upgrade if it only cost a grand or so...;)
  10. I've only risen it (the road bike) once since June so probably couldn't justify any upgrade ... fallen a little out of love with it since my mate was killed whilst road cycling in July and I just don't seem to have the time. A Guitar is much safer. Still going mountain biking though so the other two bikes get a run out.
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    Strat - American HSS :D
  12. Lovely. I love strats, an absolute design classic. Maple or rosewood neck? Better still, wait til Santa gives it you on Christmas morning and you can post some pics :thumbsup:
  13. bernjb56

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    Rosewood - it's tucked away safely in it's box :)
  14. Good man Bern, mines rosewood too.
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  15. How about changing the title of the thread to "I was going to by a road bike, but I bought a guitar instead" ;)
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  16. I got 7 guitars
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  18. Yup. Second ride.
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    @sANDYbAY and @Jack Tatty and anyone else who watched those other programmes this is on Netflix at the moment. :thumbsup:

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