Any cyclists out there? Road bikes specifically...I want to buy my first bike

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Tatty, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Is that yours? Looks a bit "fancy dan" to me :p
  2. Nooooo....i couldn't justify one of those (or afford one)....I use a Surly Troll for work and pootling, and a Cross Check for longer distance....had a Specialised Tricross Sport for about four years, before it was half-inched....really good all rounder....highly recommended

    can be picked up from Leeds.....
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    Don't forget your bike helmets! On way home tonight saw a cyclist flat out with three paramedics working in him. He'd been presumably hit by the car nearby that had a large dent in the front. He wasn't moving and had no helmet on :(
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    I've been reading this thread with interest as I have a very very old Muddy Fox which has done sterling service for me. I want a new bike as the bottom bracket on mine has developed a click/wobble which has gradually become worse over the years. I have found someone who can supply me with a repair axle and bearings which would probably repair it but I quite fancy something newer.
    The Surly Troll sounds perfect for me and the cycling I do which is best described as pootling. I definately don't want suspension.
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  6. I like steel framed bikes. My current one was £300 off ebay a few years ago - 531 frame, Campag gear, mavic wheels. Rides really well.
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  7. @vanorak , those 2 ebay links look promising, local too. Just worried about buying a used bike when I don't really know what to look for, wear wise. Not sure about size either, am 5' 8" or thereabouts, inside leg is 83cm, so frame size should be? I used the American frame size calculator that someone had a link to on here (? @Bertiebot ), but it gave me a whole load of measurements that confused me a bit. The Tricross on Evans site would be cheaper than the quoted price using the cycle scheme at Mrs JT 's work so I could end up paying near are a lot less, which would then help me with choosing pedals n getting some decent riding gear. The attraction of a road bike I can used off road too is undeniable. I don't need a racing bike anyway.
  8. Pennine cycles, my local shop, make their own steel frame bikes, the ones I've seen look, frankly, beautiful, but starting at a grand out of my league at least for my first bike.
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  9. I think mine cost the PO a lot of money, then nobody seemed interested when it was up for sale. Road bikes weren't fashionable for a while.
  10. DEFINITELY WEAR A HELMET. My mate Richard got knocked off his bike two months ago by a doddery pensioner who turned across the road and hit him without warning. He was knocked unconscious and his helmet split into two but after a short trip to hospital was fine but bruised. He reckons it saved his life.
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  11. Things to look for:

    [​IMG] Bad
    [​IMG] Good (note the shape)

    Alloy Rims:
    [​IMG] Wheel Rim....terminal
    (not an issue with Disc brakes

    Jockey Wheels:

    [​IMG] Good, Bad, Ugly ...suggest hi mileage/low maintenance/cheapskate

    Dent's in Aluminium/Scandium can weaken the frame....not a problem on steel frames, unless it's actually creased (same goes for forks...)

    Carbon: especially forks!!!!
    Walk away....although this looks like minor surface damage these could fail without warning.....check carefully along the whole of any carbon forks for deep scratches/gouges/hairiness (delamination) Don't be put off by's top stuff, but needs to be replaced if damaged

    Everything else is common sense tbh....gears changing smoothly....frame looks straight (front to back), no odd creaks when you pull/push on the handlebars, cranks turn freely (with no 'endfloat'....) steering feels smooth from lock to lock....

    I wouldn't get too worried about secondhand bikes a few years old...modern components are pretty good and relatively inexpensive to replace if necessary....chances are the PO has renewed cables, brake blocks, chain etc. and more often than not, will have upgraded to better components, before realizing they want a different bike altogether....if you're keen on a used bike oop your neck of the woods, let me know and I'm sure I could go check it out with you on a weekend....
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  12. That's just poor servicing bolts falling out, doesn't say anything about the quality of the bike, same with the wheel problem, most likely a machine built wheel which Halfords didn't check properly.
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  13. fancy that Halfords not checking properly....:rolleyes:
  14. It's not unheard off :lol:

    I've not often bought any bike parts from them (only if I needed something before a ride/race and didn't have it in 'stock' myself, but personally have been lucky when I have.
  15. I get accused of clinging to the past...but in this case I'll hold up my hands :) Can't believe that was 28 years ago!..yikes
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  16. Never ever use Halfords...shudder
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    Have you seen the documentary of this..... it's one of the best films iv'e ever seen :thumbsup:

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  18. No! Am looking forward to seeing it though, it's been on my wish list for months. There was a film about Marco Pantani out that I'd like to see as well.
  19. Thanks for that. I hadn't even heard of the book or film. That was about the time I really started watching the Tour on telly. Ive got to get me a copy of that!

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