Any cyclists out there? Road bikes specifically...I want to buy my first bike

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  1. Any tips for someone with budget of about £500 who last owned a cheap 5 speed bike back in the 80s? :eek:. Can I get a decent bike for this much? What other gear should I be thinking about? Been thinking about getting a bike since Le Grand Depart :). I promise not to get shirty, throw my toys out the pram, with anyone who gives a silly answer, so if you're reading this @rickyrooo1 , do your worst ;)
  2. There are some amazing bikes on ebay - a lot of barely used 'ride to work' scheme bikes people lobbed money at and never used!

    You need to have a think about what sort of bike you want - as in what you will be using it for.

    And get a good understanding on what size you need.
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  3. Based on past experience: any that can go up a hill
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  4. One with an engine for said hills!
  5. I'll be using it for keeping fit, recreational cycling mostly. Not commuting. Ebay is a possibility if I find a local bike I can look at first, only thing is I don't really know what I should look out for.
  6. You can get a decent entry level road bike for that money, they're all much of a muchness at that level. Giant, specialised etc. Boardmans are good at halfords.
    Or as above buy secondhand, loads a bargains.
    Just go out and try some, see what fits you best
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  7. Buy padded Lycra shorts if you're getting a road bike, and don't wear pants under them for goodness sake
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  8. I've got a specialised hard rock amazing bikes also great value for money go online or try halfords Chris boardman are also good what you want for if mountain get hard tail.
  9. Ok - based on that I'd go:

    Road Bike - preferably one with an alloy frame rather than all carbon as you dont need it and they are buggers to check properly - groupsets (the gears, brakes etc) are too numerous to list, but look out for wear on the chain and sprockets as its big money to fix. You can get a nice named bike with a Shimano 105 groupset for that money, and it will be a very good bike if it's been looked after.
    Mountain Bike - DO NOT BUY full suspension as it will either be old and knackered or weigh more than the sun. Rigid ali frame - check for damage on rear de-railer hanger and frame for dents.
    Hybrid - personally I'd avoid one with cantlever or V brakes, but if you want to trail ride they are best, if you want to road ride more you dont need them.

    Buy on condition and age - there are a lot of mint old bikes that you can't get parts for and will work out expensive in the long run.
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  10. Is it road bike you want ie drop bars or a hybrid / town bike with flat bars?
  11. for £500 you could buy a really good secondhand Specialized Tricross.....these are fantastic all rounder bikes....great for road, canal path and trail riding.
    It's essentially a road bike with more relaxed geometry (so less twitchy off road) flexible stays (for absorbing bumps) soft wheels (as opposed to stupidly hi tension stiff road wheels) and carbon forks.....plenty of clearance between the forks and frame for fitting full mudguards....9 sp (so less chance of shipping a chain when muddy...although I use 8 speed as it's even more reliable).....triple chainset with a great range...rack mounts for panniers, bottle cage mounts etc. etc.....

    Have I convinced you me....a Tricross is a truly excellent do it all bike....either that or a Surly Cross Check.....Tricross is lighter though:thumbsup:
  12. Drop bars. I should add I live just outside Bradford, nearly every road is a hill!
  13. First step is to decide what you look like in Lycra shorts, viewed from the rear.

    Second step is to practice doing 2mph up a hill with a four-mile queue of traffic behind you.

    If they're ok, go for it!
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  14. Pretty darn hot according to The bread knife, and that's without the aid of beer goggles...
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  15. your moustache is longer....
  16. And growing by the day gringo!
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  17. Jack - I'm in the same boat - I'm buying my first road bike for nigh on twenty years for my birthday next week. I've got a smaller budget, so looks like I am going for this bad boy -

    All the reviews I've read have said it's the best budget road bike out there. I'll most likely get whatever cheapo mountain bike Halfords have in the sale next year so I can ride with the kids off-road as well.

    Now, who's got a bay-compatible bike carrier I can have?
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