Any cyclists out there? Road bikes specifically...I want to buy my first bike

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Tatty, Oct 3, 2014.

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    It was on ITV4 about a month ago, it might still be on catch up :thumbsup:
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  2. Cheers Woody, I'll take a look. Have just checked amazon but DVD is unavailable at the moment.
  3. Couple of other superb cycling reads are "Flying Scotsman (Obree)" and "The death of Marco Pantani". Theres no end of fantastic cycling books to read on the long winter nights!
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  4. Yep, it's terrific. Shan't spoil for others, but Greg certainly doesn't hold back and as much as the Badger is an unbelievably arrogant so and so, I think he's ace! :)
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  5. Last one I read was Seven Deadly Sins of Lance Armstrong by David Walsh. A sobering read.
  6. In search of Robert Millar, by the same chap who wrote Slaying the Badger, is another good read :thumbsup:.....available from all good bookstores :D
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  7. Stephen Roaches autobiography was a good read, as was LeMonds.

    Bad autobiographys for me have to be Valentino Rossis (I think they simply let him write it himself with no editor) and Stephen Redgrave which makes a stellar sporting life read like the most boring existence ever.
  8. I read Martin Johnson's autobiog a few years ago, that was a cracking good read, I don't know if there was a co writer or ghost writer involved but reading it I got the sense that it was written solely by him.
  9. David Millars book 'Racing through the dark' was a good read with a bit about a fall out with Lance Armstrong before Lance came out of the closet as a drugs user (allegedly).
    When Lance admitted drugs use I had to get rid of his books as I felt I'd bought into his lie.
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    Some of these people are legends in their own minds, they have been told this by the small number of people that surround them and they believe it, the rest of us arn't bothered or can see through it. The BBC often imposes Redgrave upon us but the bloke could bore a plank of wood to death, yeah some of them have won stuff but if you look behind the headlines, some of these sports are minority sports played by posh boys in about six countries
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  11. Define posh ... our best known cyclist Bradley can hardly fall into that camp.
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    I did'nt mean mean Cycling or cyclists :thumbsup: it's not a minority sport, anyone can ride or get hold of a bike almost anywhere in the world, if you win a major cycling medal or race your gonna be a supreme athlete who has trained all your life. I was commenting on the various autobiographies some people may have read, some of these sports are minority sports played only if you have got money or went to Oxford ;) I was reading about some sports trying to get into the Olympics and the like, Sports played in China and India by tens of millions of people that we've never heard of, they don't stand a chance of getting in but then they have to watch horsey three day eventing and such sports played by posh types who also do polo and then win medals, and then go on to write these books
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  13. I don't think it matters what the sport is, it could be tiddly winks, if it's a good read it's a good read :thumbsup:. Some sportsmen do bring out books around the time it just after their greatest triumphs, probably cos they've got some greedy agent who can see a money spinner. I don't read a lot of sporting autobiogs and biogs, I just read books about people who seem interesting. Tbh, I've been struggling with Wiggo' s book, can't finish it, Martin Johnson's was well written and funny, even if he did play a "posh" boys sport ;). Likewise, Keith Richards' book was fantastic, Eric Clapton' s boring and a bit self righteous.

    Ps Woody, Slaying the Badger no longer on catch up sadly :(
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    Ah never mind that's just unlucky :thumbsup: another great film is " The Armsrong Lie " I was also duped by him, he really did con the world, when he finally broke his silence and as it were " Came Out " I was gutted :( He was so many peoples hero and he let a lot of people down, but at the time they were all at it, he was still the best in the world, just the best on drugs as well :( It's a great film :thumbsup:

    The whole film is here

    Also @Bertiebot and @Jack Tatty here's Slaying the Badger

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  15. I try not to stereotype, my mate represented GB in what was then a minority sport windsurfing at the Atlanta olympics, he came from an ordinary background just sunk his heart and soul and every penny he could beg steal or borrow into it, he did it for the dream, he certainly wasn't posh. He never talked about his achievements, I really only got to find out 10 weeks ago on the eve of his funeral from talking to his brother, funnily enough he gave up immediately after this peak in his sporting career because he ran out of money. Thankfully lottery funding has made minor sports more accessible to more ordinary people giving them funding to improve training opportunity and facilities.

    I'm afraid I don't read autobiographies, now to stereotype, often written for and on behalf of egoistical *****

    As for Armstrong he's just a cheat and a fraud, and you can't say he was the best as everyone was on drugs, prove that, you might not be wrong to say many were on drugs but you can't say they had all sold their souls to the devil. and some drugs may have been more effective than others. There was no level playing field.
  16. Well so far, in addition to the excellent advice I've been given on here, I've been into 3 cycling shops the past couple of days. The first place I went to is run by a bloke who lives n breathes bikes (imagine @zed but with 2 wheels n less welding involved :)). He was talking to another fella when I went in but stopped to acknowledge me n said he wouldn't be long. We talked about bikes n what I was looking for for the best part if an hour. He didn't try to sell me anything but he did recommend a couple of bikes in my budget. The second place was a nice clean bike shop with a good selection of bikes. The lass behind the counter said hello when I went in but that was it, no "How can I help?" ,No "If you need any help let me know", she just disappeared to the workshop at the back of the shop n left me looking around, I left after about 5 minutes :mad:. The third place I went into was another fella who lives n breathes his bikes, but was only a repair shop, although he gave me some excellent advice too, even said Halfords sell some decent bikes, but if you buy one bring it to someone like us who can set it up properly. Am going to be looking at another couple of bike outlets tomorrow. Have decided I won't be buying a bike off ebay or any other online outlet. :)
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  17. I think you are approaching this absolutely spot on. You now know which are great local bike shops and which aren't so swift. Online is a source of fantastic deals if you know what you want and a risk if you are less sure. Also there is a lot to be said for having a bike fitting which a good LBS will do if you buy from them. I was in Rutland cycles at the weekend which is on the banks of Rutland Water and looks a decent bike shop and they had properly good end of season deals on so maybe your LBS at this time of year gets you the best of both.
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    I've just watched slaying the badger and the Armstrong lie over the last couple of days. Extremely interesting films, both of them and thanks @WoodyLubber for posting up the links. :thumbsup:
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  19. Indeed, I watched Slaying the Badger last night. Great stuff. What a legend Hinault is :thumbsup:
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    Great films both of them, Would you lend Hinault a tenner lol ;)

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