Any cyclists out there? Road bikes specifically...I want to buy my first bike

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Tatty, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Heh heh, maybe not. Then again, it's that single minded killer instinct that makes great champions. Fair play to Lemond though, Hinault' s "treachery" made him work for that first TDF, he was kind of thinking it was going to be handed to him on a plate, with Hinault' s assistance :D. I didn't watch much of the 86 TDF at the time, the first one I really followed was Stephen Roche the following year.
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  2. Well I've beaten you to it JT. Bought mine on Saturday and took it out for a nervous ride yesterday. Won't be venturing again until it dries up a bit. He's the little beauty. [​IMG]

    First thoughts about a modern road bike (no-one says "racer" any more do they?) :

    They are very light. My three year old's bike weighs more. And this is an alloy bike with only the forks in carbon.

    Gear shifting is very different now and a lot more definite than the old downtube levers.

    Riding on the drops is terrifying. Riding on the hoods is uncomfortable. I will be getting cross top brake levers shortly so I have the option of sitting up, while I get used to "proper" style.

    Using cleats isn't as difficult as I thought it'd be. I had to adjust one shoe that the shop had set up to get it to engage properly but it was all good after that. I've had MTB pedals fitted which allow me to ride short distances unclipped and I can walk in the shoes without sounding like Roy Castle (while tap dancing, not trumpeting). And I didn't fall over while still firmly attached to the bike.

    My @rse hurts. Pretty sure that's 100% because of the bike, but it was my birthday weekend... Actually it's my fault. I didn't want to be an "All the Gear No Idea" rider first time out so didn't wear padded shorts. Ouch. As Yellow Pages bloke used to say - I were right about that saddle.
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    That looks the biz @Sir Arthur :thumbsup:. Where did you get it from? I've been very disappointed in the large cycle outlets I've been to, (both specialists bike shops), ignored in one, barely acknowledged in the other. As things stand at the moment, I'll be getting this one via my local bike shop....
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    [​IMG]....This one will get you noticed and its 81 years old!
    1933 Raleigh Gents 'All Weather' Steel bike.Its mine...but you can have it for £300.00.
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  5. Got it from Decathlon. Mass market but they know their onions and supply bikes for FdJ. Got good service once I'd hunted down a mechanic in their Saturday afternoon madhouse.

    Your intended looks like a fine steed. Going over budget? Remember the £150 or so for accessories and clothing.
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    I got a specialized roubaix for sportives...very nice,comfortable bike.I upgraded the wheels to Mavic Ksyirium elites too.Much more lighter and easier to ride up BIG hills.
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    [​IMG]...And here it is with me on it the *******ing rain cycling up Cheddar Gorge in the Mendip Hills challenge earlier on in the year.
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    Am hoping cyclescheme will chip away at the cost a bit, if not bugger it, I'm gettin it anyway :)
  9. just had a look at the spec on the avant....looks OK, but I think you could get a much better specced bike secondhand for the same money....the only reason I say this, is because it's almost inevitable that you'll want to upgrade parts after a while, and this is where the cyclist gets his arse slapped...a £1K bike with a few thousand miles on it will be virtually unworn, and will have some quality components hanging off it (especially the wheels and groupset).....two years down the line it's on the market for £500...
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Orbea....if you've test ridden a few different makes and you like it, then that's the main thing, but remember, parts that you tend to change to suit your geometry (stems in particular) are plentiful, as they're always being tried, used for a week then swapped for something different.....make sure the frame is the right size, as although the Avant blurb says 'the stack and reach' are ideal for a new road cyclist, there doesn't look like much stack height adjustment to me...

    (stack height refers to the amount of fork steerer tube sticking out the top of the frame.....more stack height means more adjustability)
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  10. I'm not overly convinced about the "you will want to up grade after a while" admittedly all my bikes have cost in excess of a grand but I have never felt the need to change stems, and the only occasional up grading I have done is as bits have been damaged or become worn out I have changed them, oh and sometimes a different saddle in search of the comfortable one!! . One of the guys I cycle with has an orbea he seems very happy with it, don't ask me what model it is though, best of luck with yours.
  11. My local bike shop have a Selle Royale scheme, can't remember what it's called - you go in, they measure you, pay a few quid and they send you off with a saddle for a week or so, if you don't like it, try another one and so on.

    Once you find one you like, they'll knock your initial cost off the price of the saddle - they even offered to set my whole bike up for me.

    The upside is you pay for one saddle - the downside is it's only one make you can try without buying.
  12. My local bike shop had some Fizik saddles that you could borrow and test before you bought, these test seats were a garish green colour, mind I just didn't find it comfortable so they got it back ;)
  13. I rest my case;)
  14. But those I've known spend less on a bike also haven't upgraded ... they have tended to either get bitten by the cycling bug and bought some Gucci carbon fibre job or just left the cheaper bike in the garage never to see the light of day. I suppose one of those bikes I referred to was built for me so shouldn't have been any need to up grades to that :rolleyes:
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    ...Hi just out of interest,did you have your bike 'fitted' to you in the shop? That could be why you ache a bit after riding it.Also,your arse may hurt a bit not just by not wearing padded shorts,but on most shop bought bikes the saddles usually come in a standard width which causes the pain.You may need a wider saddle.Heres how to measure your arse...

    Get a couple of sheets of tin foil doubled up,put them on the 3rd/4th stair of your house,while just wearing thin shorts/pants sit on the foil breifly then get back up again.
    The two 'indents' in the foil are known as your 'sit bones'.
    This is how wide to the nearest bigger size that you need your saddle. I.e, if your sit bones are,say, 146cm apart,you need a 150cm wide saddle.Most 'standard size' saddles are about 143cm.It maks a BIG difference to your cycling,believe me.;).Hope this helps.Also,you can always change your stem height/length.
    I am 5'8",my bike is a 52" frame.My saddle is a 150cm and i dropped the bars by 5mm.I can easily do a 50mile training ride without feeling fatigued after laying up for a couple of months just becuase my bike is set up right.
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  16. This would be the best bet for one time, there were thousands of frame builders in the UK, all doing bespokes for good would that be?:D
    Think it's making a comeback....:thumbsup:
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    Right, ok, today was supposed to be the day I was going to get my bike, but for some reason, that all went a bit Pete Tong, and I ended up with this :oops:


    I do still intend to get a bike, and thanks so much for all who have offered invaluable advice and even offered to go and look at bikes with me......
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    How the hell do you ride to work on that??
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    Very nice :) I came home with a box marked 'Fender' yesterday, but it's not to be opened until Christmas. It's a good job I found out afterwards that the Pickup needed new doors ....
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    The pick up needed new doors Bern? :thinking: Explain please.....:)

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