Any cyclists out there? Road bikes specifically...I want to buy my first bike

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Tatty, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Some very interesting replies TLBers, lots for me to mull over, the Giant n the Felt look pretty interesting, @Bertiebot my daughter has an Islabike. It's a quality piece of kit for a 5 year old :thumbsup:. My next move is have a chat with the chap in Pennine Cycles, literally just down the road from me, I think the Brownlee brothers are old customers. There's also a big bike shop in Saltaire n another decent one in Ilkley, so I should be able to get some more good advice before I think of parting with any cash.
  2. If you're off to Ilkley, visit Chevin Cycles at Otley. They've been going years and have a wide range of bikes.
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  4. I have a Trek 1000 Alpha. Within a month I was riding 70 miles. Get some Lycra and a helmet, trainers are fine if you don't want clip in's, I don't like them, like to move my feet about.
    Great fun. Good phone app too is MY TRACKS.

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  5. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    In a month you'll have given up anyway, so get a crap bike from the car boot sale for £25. It'll get you fitter than a good one too. ;)
    Save the £475 for petrol.
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  6. Hi @Bertiebot I've been cycling for years and years mainly off road, I do all my own servicing and have built bikes from scratch. Also been riding for the past seven on road as well, I'm one of them mad nutters who go off road in the dark all year round, so I really understand bikes how they work and what you were trying to say but never seen this issue with disk brakes. I will ask my mates on Tuesdayif they have ever come across it? If you were someone I knew I'd say you were talking b*ll*cks, but I don't so I won't :D In the old days people were quick to get away from calliper brakes, which you can hardly buy nowadays (see how many MTB calliper brakes Wiggle list), this was because if the wheel went out of true, even by a little bit, the callipers rubbed and you could never set them up to work very well :( That's without looking at the other disadvantages of cable stretch :( that they clog with mud :( and even a slight bit of grit will start to wear away your rims :( Or are disk brakes just a fad, even if they are I'm going to stick with them :D

    Sounds like your mates boardman wasn't set up very well and any bike could suffer a loose bolt if they're aren't torqued up properly. One thing I will agree with you on is Islabikes, son had one of their balance bikes and now on the next size up, they are expensive so he gets good second hand ones, that I get off cycling mates with older children. Usually the issue with kids bikes is they have pretty carp heavy suspension components that kids don't really need.
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  7. Hi @Pickles
    At least we agree that Isla are decent, hard not to really. I guess anything decently made will work well. My main point is that inexpensive and straightforward is the best mix. Lots of "spec" means heavy unless you spend (I suspect we agree on that too)
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  8. The trouble is non cycling punters want suspension ... on a cheap bike this means carp heavy forks that's usually one of the main issues together with cheaper frames are always going to be made with less attention to machining and constructed of heavier cross sections etc and that will help make the bike heavier and something you will never be able to change. That's why you should always buy the best you can afford.

    Sorry @Jack Tatty for taking this so far off topic. I know your title said Road Bike
  9. Well at least you chaps kept on the bike part. This thread could have started opining about different mixes of tarmac and the concrete vs wood kerbing debate.
  10. I have cycled to work for about 30 years - my route takes me along the Trans Pennine Trail (alongside the Mersey) and then along the Bridgewater canal. It takes about 50 minutes each way. I always get a bike for £50 or less as they all get pinched in the end and then I just buy another one. Bog standard bikes, (no suspension) that I keep in good order. Never felt the need for anything different.
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  11. Ha. Sensible fellow. Auctions or the local dump are actually quite good places to look - there are a lot of orphaned bikes out there :(...
  12. ^ About 10 years ago I rode from Manchester to Cape Town on an old bike that a neighbour gave me after a garage clear out. I fitted good tyres and a set of panniers for my tent etc. Apart from punctures, worn out sprockets and a broken rear axle I had nothing wrong with it before it got nicked in Mozambique . I'm sure it's still giving good service to some ****. To be honest, I hope it is.
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  13. I've been cycling since i could walk, BMX, mountain bikes, road bikes and cyclo x. Still do the latter 3 weekly (bit old for bmx at 42). Id recommend a Felt F95 as a great quality, pretty light cheap road bike, check wiggle for special offer bargains on these.

    Hope this helps.
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  14. That's ok mate, I did say road bike but tbh, when I get a mountain type bike later, next year perhaps, I'll bee looking for summat cheap n cheerful, no suspension needed, that's what your knees are for surely? ;)

    So anyway, where do we all stand on the concrete vs wooden kerbing debate eh?
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  15. no one gets excited over a kerb do they?
  16. Tarmac....;)

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  17. still not bought a Tricross yet?
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  19. You on commission? ;). My search begins in earnest this week, I popped down to Pennine Cycles today to have a chat, but they wuz closed :(, not sure I'd be able to buy from them though as they only seem to do bespoke and high end bikes, but I'll try em again tomorrow anyway for a chat as much as anything. Then might pop over Saltiare way for a look in the bike shop there, got a parcel to drop off at Erm's too.

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