Wilma's 40th Birthday Tour of Blackpool Illuminations, 26-28 October 2012

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  1. Bless you :)

    The main thing to note is that its going to be busy! Half term week and the roads getting onto the start of the lights will be slow but still fun!

    Well the following is more a bit of a tourist information bit about car parks in the towns south of Blackpool

    St Annes

    This is getting a little bit more refined now as its St Annes don't you know, so here the car park is a lot smaller than Blackpool but would possibly be quiet but the downside is its a pay and display, so someone will need to keep an eye on your van. There is a car park in front of the pier that is free and would most probably be empty, but its a go and find out. Facilities are all around, just a two minute walk away there is costa, marks and sparks and a decent chippy…. It is packed on bike night (every Monday) so its got quality approval.

    There is parking available in the town its self but its tight, and you are parking with joe public

    Distance to start of lights approx 2.5 mile


    This is defo the posh option! There are some nice pubs, eats up, in the town, but the car parks could be busy and there is no alternative but the road, this town does though have a branch of the best chippy on the Fylde coast…Seniors, its costly but awesome!! It’s also quiet scenic so quality pictures could be taken but Granny's bay is another option to access Lytham if you fancy a walk on Saturday.

    The car parks in Lytham are pay and display during the day, free after 6.

    Distance to start of lights approx 5 mile

    Other Options (St Annes / Lytham)


    I have placed this on more if you want a bit of a bimble on the Saturday at a bit of a more relaxed pace... Granny's bay known locally, to the non-locals fairhaven lake. Lovely spot this, nice views on a sunny day, but does get busy due to this fact.

    The other car park (more towards Blackpool) is an option for meeting up, its good to park on for beach access, but if I was honest the roads are possible more safer during the day if the beach was your plan. This is just a meet up option.
  2. ive not seen this thread b4 ...:idiot:

    drive carefully,
    have a good un guys ..... O0

    heres hopin it stays dry ... :)
  3. Can't remember... are we supposed to be bringing firewood?
  4. Think the image uploads went wrong so attempt two....

    ST annes


  5. Hope you all have a fantastic time :)
  6. Not sure about the firewood, only bbqs allowed but if we are waiting for the fire to die down and cook the chestnuts that I've brought then I suppose it would be OK, having said that we've not brought our BBQ. Just chestnuts and pan :)
  7. what time are you leaving the site on saturday as we going to the site during the day :p
  8. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Happy 40th Wilma!! Is she fittingly bedecked? :)

    Hope you all have a lovely time and the illuminations are fab, and you out shine them in your vans :)

    Its years since I have been to Blackpool, I have many fond college memories of hitting Lucy's and the Flamingos club and sleeping in the car afterwards. The car park attendant used to knock on the window to wake you up so you could leave 1st thing before it was paying time! :)
  9. Have a great time everyone, gutted Stig not finished to of joined you - he is 40 next week too! Maybe we will have to do it as a 41st Birthday bash for him next year!

    Take care and have fun!

  10. Weather warning... Penguins have been seen nesting near to south pier!!

    It's ruddy freezing - wrap up warm you hear!!!
  12. We were supposed to het there at 2... Paul told me he only has a massive suitcase so he trundles off to the shops to get a bag... I've packed the whole van myself... We still haven't set off...:( wanted to get there early... Fat chance with this eejit...

    When I tried.to lock the front door something had been bashed out of place so I had the get the screw driver put to fix it..fingers crossed the trip there is better than packing :p

    Can't wait,just want to het there now! x
  13. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  14. Ah I see, forgot how little time we have really been on forum! :-[
  16. rob your spelling is worse than mine.
  17. Five vans of people here tonight - Congi, Mooseys, Wilmas, TP and Dubs. I can confirm that the weather is indeed a little bit parky. (Arctic wind blowing in!) No fire-pits allowed on campsite so people have already retreated to the warm comfort of vans, but we're quietly confident of an Indian summer tomorrow. :)
  18. Chuffin heck
  19. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    ooooh bad research on the no fire pits......... glad you guys had hook up.... i hope?
  20. We did luckily... But our tiny radiator is nothing against arctic winds... I've learnt that to to tail is the only way to sleep comfortably on a 3/4 rnr bed... Shame I learnt it just this morning :p haha

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