Wilma's 40th Birthday Tour of Blackpool Illuminations, 26-28 October 2012

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  1. OK, who's carving pumpkins? Tlb pumpkin display on Saturday night?
  2. Not carving pumpkins as such ... :eek: :thinking:
  5. and that's only half true ;D
  6. Good afternoon! Sorry for late reply I've been on a bike riding assessment all morning - happily passed - so happy boy.

    Now I've just got to nip out again to pick KDM up as she is finally through her MOT so more happy news!

    Just hope the bill is the third best news :)

    As soon as I'm back from the garage I'll sort car park options and chippy reviews ;)

    Any idea of expected van turn out for the lights run??
  7. According to the poll above approximately 15-19 :)
  8. :) :p ;D :chewie: :beer_yum: :thumbsup: :cold: :mwave:

    i think that covers it
  9. Yipeeeeeeee indeed am really excited.
  10. What time are people arriving tomorrow?
    I reck we'll the there for about 4 :)
  11. Dunno really :thinking: get up, clean the van, go to Bolton to say happy Birthday to my nephew, travel up to Blackpool..... 6.32 am.

    Hell no!!

    3pm would be good, but I hate to plan my day when I'm off work, so...see ya when we get there baby :hug:
  14. Could you post them up? Esp the meet up point? Tomorrow's here all ready :))
  15. Yeah no worries I'll sort in the morning when I fire the PC up
  16. [​IMG]

    Sooo hard to get these back in the bag... :mad: not fun...
  17. Up early and almost packed so here is a summary of Wonty's reccie

    This is where we are meeting Saturday night 7pm


    As you leave the M55 follow signs to South shore A5230, keep going until you see The Blackpool Retail park, Comet, Maccies and Halfords. Turn into retail park and we'll be there! somewhere!

    If you hit the prom you've gone too far, turn back

    There's a chippy nearby and food options (if you call the golden arches food ;D)

    We wont leave for the illuminations until everyone is there, phone Moira if you can't make it or you are going to be late
  18. LOL - just typed that all in and you beat me to it!!
  19. the early bird and all that ;D

    is there anything you want to add, local intel O0
  20. I know TP ,mine no longer reside in it :)

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