whats happened to @barneyrubble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1973daisey, May 3, 2017.

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    Sorry guys. I got a bit ate up there. Deleted it for peace sake.
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  2. We all need a rant from time to time.
  3. I joined blunderbus not because I wanted to swear but because I wanted some laughs (and Zed liked my Roxy Music links ) they knew from the start I was never going to get involved in any mud slinging, it was clear that one person didn't trust me and didn't want me on there, im not going to metion names because that's not my style, I thought it would be better all round if I left, I've never met any of them but I think they are a great bunch
    As for me being a mediator @brothernumberone best welder in the country by far, you've met me, I had to bring an interpreter with me when you did my welding because you couldn't understand me ha ha ,By the way the village where @brothernumberone had his last garage had a pub that sold, you guessed it Fullers beer and had Londons finest on the hand pump, why he moved is behond me,
    I was hoping to meet up one day with Barney but it doesn't look likely as he doesn't come on here now, and I wanted to introduce the rest to some real beer,
    Good luck to everyone on Blunderbus and I mean everyone
    Right I must get back to my fashion thread, white socks or grey , grey socks or white
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  4. Say hi from me never done out to to me I just didn't realise barn was gone To ! It's taken me years to get used to this forum I'm buggered if I can get used of another 1
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  5. Good Morning
    Your type of post here is probably the very reason that they left in the first place .
    Talking of bad language and insults
    You are pretty well up there especially when it comes to me.
    Mostly because of my view on what engine should be in a Volkswagen ,this was never an attack in any way to you personally
    I remember Woody once replied to a post you made to me saying it was close to "bullying "
    And talking of hi jacking a post I am just as entitled to give my opinion as you are and I am actually getting quite bored of it and you now.
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  6. What did i miss?

    whos gone?
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    Nothing and nobody :hattip:
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  8. You still here? :rolleyes:
  9. so 3 people left the forum because they didn't like the way it was run and its still rumbling on

  10. Zed told me off once because @S1mon said "purple dildo" in a thread I started :oops:
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  11. I just wanted to know we're he was didn't wanna slanging match guys it's a forum not Facebook
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  12. I don't think there is any slanging really :thumbsup:
    Not anymore anyway.
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  13. Oi, You should be online buying beetle things to finish that car not stirring up trouble on ere......troll :D

    You've opened up all the terrible terrible memories :)
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  14. depends on what colour your sandals are Bazza:D
  15. They are a kind of purple dildo colour
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  16. White then, grey's just wrong
  17. Straight from the Thames? :)
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  18. Oooh, you'll be for it now! :eek:
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  19. Nothing quite like real ale to spark a bit of lively debate lol
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  20. Right that's it, red card and sin bin for you young man
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