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  1. Fair enough! Most ales are actually slightly below room temperature as they are usually drawn up from a cool cellar but if they're artificially chilled it just seems wrong.
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  2. Take a Soda Stream and fizz it up a bit, might make it drinkable :D
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  3. ^^^ WHS
    At least ale can be drunk warm if necessary, but room temp or just below is proper. Chilled just kills the taste (which is probably why they do it to lager!:D)
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  4. Freezing cellars of which I have been in many are down to lager drinkers and their icy yellow snow ... 11 to 13 degrees C for real ales.
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    After 9 pages of crap, I'd imagine @1973daisey is wishing he hadn't asked!
  6. someone has seen sense :D
  7. Yeah but we've moved onto the relative merits of beer now, so all is not lost!
    (Carling and Cider drinkers excepted ;))
  8. I just didn't get my mad card this year and didn't realise so many had left and I like barney !!
  9. Some forums can only dream of having threads 9 pages long;)
  10. Hats off to these people who volunteer to visit institutions and take out the inmates.
  11. Care in the Community can work!
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  12. Cider is Satan's urine. FACT.
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    What a terrible thing to say.
  14. But true. Can't stand the stuff.
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    Cider is the drink of Champions. FACT!
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  16. Last time I checked
  17. Says mr many projects
  18. Look at the population of Somerset. I rest my case.
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  19. But have you had proper Somerset Cider not the stuff we sell to tourists or has bubbles in it
  20. I have. It tasted like horse wee.

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