whats happened to @barneyrubble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1973daisey, May 3, 2017.

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    Is that the green sound of jealousy I hear?! :)
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    No, I'm onto the second bottle of red and dinner is still 90 minutes away. :burp:
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  3. Agree with all of that other than me trying to keep everyone happy bit.

    I genuinely make no effort whatsoever to make anyone happy, but the other mods deserve credit for their attempts.

    My annoyance with the instigators at blunderbus is it cost me a real life friendship, someone I used to kick about with a lot that I like and respect and who is as funny and interesting offline as on.

    Not someone I saw for 5 minutes picking up some parts, or camped with 3 years ago....Rickyroo came and fetched me home from the hospital when I had my cancer op 3 years ago....that level of friendship, and that's a mark of the man.

    So yes, when selfish stupid f**ks from that site come over here because whatever cards life dealt them means winding some of us up on here is their only joy, they tend to get the good news from me.

    The fact that they then brag about it in there...even smaller and more pathetic.

    So...cards on the table time.

    When this kicked off, some of us tried to bridge the chasm that appeared, whilst others drew the knifes they'd been poking around with for years and did everything they could to drive them in, two of those still act with wide eyed innocence proclaiming virtues such as freedom of speech.....their actions are premeditated and in the shadows and don't deserve such heady associations.

    In between, a lot of people got caught in the crossfire.....that's still working itself out, but notice how every time it does here, one or two stirrers come to throw petrol on the embers and @oscar - don't worry, I alone noticed you posting hilarious clips after mine - still acting like the desperate little leg humping bitch you are I see.

    The fact that this will be dissected and celebrated on that site.....here is as bright and happy as it ever was (nothing to do with me)....must be really galling.....that's far more satisfying than their attempts to break here.

    As for being a keyboard warrior, whatever.
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  4. Hello
    Firstly let me say who I am
    I am as far as I'm aware the only
    Now just the facts so everyone knows

    I am for the moment on this late bay forum
    I am also on The EB forum
    I am not on any other forum
    I originally came on this forum a few years back before it crashed for some reason
    I then returned here about a year or so ago but was unable to use my original log in so picked a random username
    This however turned out to be one letter different from someone else's username
    So using my random username I contacted the admin matey and he changed it to my original monkeyvanwestybike username
    So there is no mystery no dual logins
    Or anything like that
    Yes I started a thread about Subaru engines or something like that
    From this point on things got steadily worse for me as you all know my view
    on this conversion
    I don't like it and I don't think it's necessary and obviously people got upset by me saying that
    I think the air cooled engine is part of what makes these vehicles unique
    And I stand by that
    But at no point did I want to fall out with anyone personally for which I am
    I still think the best thing for a Subaru engine is a load of grinding paste
    And the guys that have converted their otherwise very nice vans
    Will still feel I can be outrun by the milkman without his milk float
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  5. It a shame the tinternet around the globe,divides people,
    I suppose it's part of modern life..:(

    Ricky seemed less happy here, once he had sold his bay,
    So maybe him and others had run their course on this particular part of the interwebs...:thinking:
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    I think you need to hug monkeyvanwesty!
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  7. Just when I'd nearly mastered the interpretation of his posts he goes and leaves...:D
  8. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Can I also have a hug please,
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    Ask moons. He likes his leg humped too!
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  10. @1973daisey :thumbsup:

    16 pages so far, there has been epic length rants, drunk rants, some stern advice, random talking to non existent members, peeing in bushes, beer, overweight men, leg humping, some men flouncing, secret usernames, suburu engine hating, serious home truths, finger pointing, poo stirring and some man hugging

    It has been great, thank you Simon :)
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    Never half measures with Simon..:beer:
  12. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    @1973daisey next time you want to know what's happened to a member, PM me for f sake
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    You never mentioned the partridge in the pear tree :D
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    bye bye bye bye bye :D
  15. Man all I wanted to now was where this poor man went as not seen him for ages I'm just gonna stick to my beetle post :rolleyes:
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  16. All's well... that ends well

    looks like it was just a storm in a teacup ...:thumbsup:
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