whats happened to @barneyrubble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1973daisey, May 3, 2017.

  1. Now you are just being kind - admit it you didn't understand any of it did ya?
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  2. Okay you got me... ;)

    Can you or @Geordie explain why he saying hi to them though?
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  3. Hi Barry manilow
  4. Hi Barry Bethnal
  5. I have no idea but that's @Geordie for you, you will get used to him
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  6. I can only imagine there might be some alcohol involved.. :cheers:
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  7. Come on Rick
    Come back please you really left because I beat you at 80's music :cool:
  8. Erm......... it's something we don't talk about! Mother doesn't allow it & how he got out of that attic room we'll never know!!
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  9. I will never play another 80's
    Quiz ever ever again I think I won 60-2
  10. Exactly :confused:what he said :confused:
  11. I wondered how long it would take you :D
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  12. Look it's @Barry Haynes fault I've drunk 10 pints of fullers pride and I'm sober :eek:
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  13. Hi billy the fish
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    @Geordie i told you to take it easy when you get on the Fullers, as @Lord Congi has pointed out it is made using water from the Holy river Thames which flows through sarf London birthplace of @Barry Haynes, it also passes close to Stamford Bridge,football team to the gods, Fullers beer is to be sipped and enjoyed
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  16. :eek:
  17. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Supporter

    Here in Cheshire beer is quaffed - none of this sipping malarky :rolleyes:
  18. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift

    Southern jessies, to busy sipping their half strength soychailattecinos, probably all lesbimusligayboriginals. :D
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  19. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Real ale is ace! @Barry Haynes im partial to a London Pride also. Isn't cider what you drank in the park when you were at school? :)

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