whats happened to @barneyrubble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1973daisey, May 3, 2017.

  1. bernjb56

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    He went to the dark side
  2. He went over to the other site with Ricky and a few of the others, I don't know why he left us , but I'm sure he had his reasons, I wish they would all come back,
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  3. Maybe they couldn't take any more of me
  4. innit
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  5. a few went to where the grass is greener in November

    You've not missed him much then..:)
  6. Very sad of the split, but we're all going to be okay.. has been so far
  7. I miss TW and his endless litany of self-inflicted injuries :(
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  8. Dubs

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    He pulled his own tooth out with pliers the other day, pics and everything..:thumbsup:
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  9. Why does that not surprise me?
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  10. Dubs

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    Is he known for such behavior then? :thinking:
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  11. Apparently.
  12. I felt part of the naughty gang, now it feels like they've all gone to another school and I'm the only naughty boy left,
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  13. I miss @Barneyrubble :(
    Maybe just maybe he's reading this and
    Would make a guest appearance :)
  14. Blame me, I said I didn't like Ricky's new van, the next day they all left, I was only joking I actually liked it
  15. I used to like to read Zed and TBR,s input.
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  16. You know what happened last time you played with the rough boys. You tore your trousers and they nicked your dinner money.
  17. Ha ha ha :p
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  18. Good riddance...... Couldn't understand a goddamn thing he was saying . ...
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  19. I would like to I think most were happy I joined, but not all:( and before someone says it, like TLB :p

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