whats happened to @barneyrubble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1973daisey, May 3, 2017.

  1. Wow, sorry you feel that way about Zed.

    Your account doesn't match my experience of him

    My interactions with Zed have always been good and I've never heard him slagging you or anyone else off
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  2. You really do need to be more selective who you are friends with:D
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  3. Yes Zed was always very helpful when I was let down and had to put things back together on my own without a so called experts assistance. He was quite happy replying to messages etc. if it hadn't been for him and Mr Weeding i'd probably have sold the thing. And I've never even met the guy.

    Boats now there's an idea, although I fancy cruising the open sea as opposed to canal life.
  4. @snotty and @Terrordales they do a bit of cruising
  5. Well all I wanted to know was were he went now all these names come up I didn't realise so many folk have gone !! I still speak to zed from time to time but I'd always wanted to meet Barney and always missed him !!!
    He was always the 1st person to send me a xmas card every year and I never met him all ways msged me with great advise seemed a top bloke !! I missed the fall out so no idea what happened
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  6. He's a lovely man, took me out for seafood Linguine when I was in Broadstairs :thumbsup:
  7. He's deffo a top bloke.
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  8. Well if any folk see him tell him Daisy's been asking about him :beer:
  9. I've met loads of great people via TLB as I'm sure you have but Barney is up there with the best of them. We camped with him at Eastnor Castle a couple of years ago and I'll be the first to admit I'm not always very outgoing when I meet new people but within 5 minutes we were talking and laughing like we'd been best mates all our lives:)
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  10. We all ways missed each other at every meet or show over the last 3 years being on the road the road !!
  11. I never met him, but he and Betty sent me a lovely message when I was unwell, he also sent me some old Chelsea programmes one was signed, top bloke
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    That thing Zippy used to do when he was talking on rainbow, where he waved his hand next to his mouth whilst blabbing tripe to Jeffrey.....I imagine you used that nuance when writing the above.

    As for freedom of speech, I'm embarrassed for you.

    The ability to swear openly isn't a measure of freedom of speech, neither is most of the close to the mark humour, you and others have hijacked that as some form of Che Guivara stance in the post pitiful way.

    Bit like choosing to not wipe your Arse doesn't make you Bobby Sands.

    Some nice people got caught up with a few manipulative weapons...that's the headline.
  13. I second that emotion! :)

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    Remember the words of the immortal Oscar " It's better to be talked about, than not be talked about " ;)
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  16. Yep, the free speech thing is nonsense. There are a few rules here which make it a (largely) family friendly site. Everyone knows that and have always known that, it's really not much of a sacrifice to stick to them and it's worked well for years and made it a nice place to be rather than a vzi style bellend fest.
    I think there should be some kind of reconciliation attempt. Not sure it would work, maybe too many burnt bridges, but I miss their input.
    Maybe @Barry Haynes could mediate?;)
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    Speak as you find Paul. That's all you can do. :thumbsup:
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  18. Ivwanted to stay out of it but I agree with you, Zed/Steve was/is a nob, always thought he knew best "my way is the right way". I was the subject of a good old slating by him over on his forum, read it with me very own eyes. Didn't/hasn't said it to my face though you understand the weasly little man! I'm not naive to think this won't get reported back to him either but it will give him & his four mates something to talk about :thumbsup:
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    You forgot 'manipulative' :)
  20. Saving that for another post, but seriously there always seemed to be an undertone in his posts but maybe that is the written word being open to misinterpretation. I missed what happened with "the divorce" & don't really care 'sticks & stones' & all that. We all know at least one 'Uncle Knobhead' so I have put it down to bad luck, what with me knowing quite a few! :)

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