Want a type 4 but put off by experts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I keep reading that swapping out a type 1 motor for a type 4 is prohibitively expensive and that fitting a Subaru is a better option based on cost alone. What a load of arse.
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    Got a type 4 so I'm biased
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  3. I guess over a 10 yr period the Subaru would be better value if you used it loads in terms of reliability, fuel and mechanical bills.
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  4. sell your type1 engined bus to some starry-eyed dreamers for top dollar during the summer months. buy a type 4 engined bus in the depths of winter with the proceeds.


    stick with your type 1 and embrace the additional time to get to view the scenery as you drive along, slowly. tbh type 4 folks aren't really driving much faster either.

    Other option would be to look at what others did - look at Zed for example, he knows loads about vws, and he built a big capacity type 4 for his bus (although that argument falls down a bit given that guys like @pkrboo have ditched their type 4's for subaru... o_O
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  5. I think you'd have to more specific on the alternatives;
    Type 4 engine into Type 1 engined bus requiring a gearbox change as well
    Type 4 into late late bay already with correct gearbox
    Which subaru engine - injection, turbo or even diesel.

    I have 2.0 Type 1 and it was prohibitively expensive anyway!
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  6. My reason was partly the challenge of doing it myself and partly because I tow poptopkitchen with it.

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  7. I'm going the other way, ditching my reliable 2.0 type 4 for a knackered 1200 beetle engine then I'll be more VW that the rest of you, just like an early splittie:D:worship:
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  8. RU allowed to say @rse on this family friendly site?

    I'm about to ditch my Subaru for a T1 then I can say I have nearly gone full circle .... of course i'm not.
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  9. My Type 4 has been nothing but a pita since rebuild. Just go Subaru and save yourself a whole heap of pain.
  10. Look your all going to have to do this soon so just get on with it :)
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  11. I just bought an off the shelf Vega for mine. No trouble for the last 8 years apart from few leaks...... bravery statement eh ! Lol
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  12. Who cares you're getting a topaz soon :thumbsup:
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  13. Dubs

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    I went Subaru because I wanted to. :thumbsup:
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  14. I went Subaru because I kept reading of broken vans running no expense spared T4 engines. I suppose running isn't quite the right word :D
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  15. I am waiting for more crashed Teslas and going electric. Ill be driving into city centres across europe and pointing at the polluting brigade banned from everywhere.......or waiting for a big yellow taxi as my battery went flat !
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    I spent no money on my engine over a ten year period ;)
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  17. .
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  18. have you seen how much those electric conversion kits cost though? you could get a subaru AND a type 4 .. seriously.
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    £30k I saw :eek:
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    No :hattip:
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