Use Cherished Insurance and taking your bus abroad? Read on...

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  2. Can I put another slant on this for a second? Cherished were the only people quoting decent insurance prices for me including both UK and Europe breakdown cover. Whilst I understand the frustration regarding the repatriation of a vehicle, there seems to be very few companies offering this for us now.

    I think what Cherished offer is a good value for money insurance, which has the added bonus of some protection should we want go travel abroad. I'll be honest. If the van dropped a valve abroad, I would probs park it up somewhere, fly home and drive out with a turnkey lump and replace it.. I would use Cherished for those simple issues that might occur, like a coil going, where I don't have the spare to replace it, but a garage does..

    Hope this helps take some of the heat off what I think was quite a one sided arguement. I appreciate why people are p!ssed but it always did sound too good to be true.
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    Sorry but that's completely irrelevant.
    This whole thread is about the fact that thy tell you categorically that a service IS included that actually isn't. Nothing more, nothing less.
    If it was n unfair argument the Financial Services Authority would not be investigating.
  5. Agreed, I think the breakdown cover was something like £25.

    So I never really thought it'd be comprehensive breakdown cover at that price!

    Cherished are great though! Really helpful and reasonable prices. I insure van and beetle through them and I'd recommend them to anyone.
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    Not snapping mate but you had managed to miss my point completely.
    They've answered my point now and it had been let drop.
    Not a problem, anyone can still choose to use them or not.
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    Mainland Uk to Mainland France with non specific post codes is. £140. + VAT
    If you can narrow down the addresses you could get a better deal.

    2-6 days delivery from day of don't break down on the last day of your holiday!

    Yes's a TLB pool engine.
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    Great idea :) Hey Barney ask Joycee about them hills, he'll tell yer about em
  18. Just had my renewal quote from Cherrished and nowhere in the quote are they telling me about the repatriation issues?
    Not that I'm going to be using it for that this year.
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    I think they've decided to ignore it. Phone and ask them if its covered...
  20. well i rang up to see if they could do me a better quote for my crewie, even before i mentioned it the lady on the phone made me fully aware off the situation.

    On another note I've still got to give them 11 out off 10 for their customer services she tried her hardest to bring the price down, explaining the pros and cons off certain conditions of the policy and she knew all about the vehicle i was talking to her about unlike another insurance provider i spoke too who didn't have a clue and took nearly 25 minutes to get the quote after all my info was taken and it was one off the so called larger Kamper parts supplier.

    I've reinsured through them again this year, i wont be taking the crewie to France this year I'm going in the T5 its more comfy but I'm going to check the policy.

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