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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baysearcher, Dec 18, 2012.

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    This whole thread is about the fact that if you breakdown abroad, they have no obligation to bring your vehicle back to the UK, contrary to what they tell you when you ask....

    From my discussion with Mark, my understanding is that they won't be sorting the issue out, just informing people of what they are actually covered for. If this has changed since we spoke then great.
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    Oh yeah, sorry dread the thought you got stuck out there :)
    Well I hope it gets sorted ASAP.
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    I wouldn't, I'd just jump on a flight. It'd be the bus that was stuck.
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    This stuffs really serious and they have'nt explained like they said they would, I think the powers that be on here should be looking towards baysearchers and others predicament rather than just listening to the cherished man and taking his word, he's gonna try and fob you off coz thats what they get paid to do
  6. Never rated cherished even there key rings are Marmite wouldn't use if I could tbh
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  8. Majors insurance is due at the end of January - this thread isn't making me jump up and call them, I'm not gonna either - I will be asking guys on here's opinions on who to use and who looks after their clients!

    I always thought Cherished looked after customers & not let people down - Baysearcher has every right to be peed off here & I feel he isn't the only one who's angry over the situation.

    For saying they are a sponsor on here, it's not giving me a good impression of them - they used to give the right signals..
  9. Tick tock cherished. A little communication goes a long way.
  10. The problem may be with the AA , thay say ,with full european cover thay will get you home or to your destination
    whichever is cheaper. the rac used to do full repatreation cover , but now state thay will contribute to the cost
    (which is just as vauge as cherrished ) of getting you home .
    Do,nt think for a minuit that any of these companies will get you home without charging you ,
    There only concern is raising money for there shareholders .nd thay will exploit every opertunaty to take money from you
    you are a fool if think otherwise. THAY WILL NOT RE-PATREATE YOUR VEHICLE FOR FREE if it is not clearly stated
    in black and white.
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    Not a fool at all but thanks for your input.
    If you'd bothered to read the thread you'd see I was going by what they'd categorically told me.
  12. Following a recent issue brought to our attention with regard to the DAS European Breakdown cover, we have spoken with DAS to ascertain exactly what the situation is with regard to repatriation when in Europe. DAS have confirmed that:

    “The position is that our European cover (sub-section B of EuroMap and EuroMag) does not provide vehicle recovery from within that territorial limit (i.e. European mainland) back to the UK. Our contractual obligation is only to take the vehicle to the nearest approved repairer, which will normally be in the country of breakdown. We don't say where the approved repairer is, it could be in the country of the breakdown, in another country if it is near a border, or it could be back in the UK. Therefore in practice for logistical reasons the outcome may be that the policyholder and vehicle are taken to the UK but this is not a guaranteed part of the cover.”

    From the response above it is clear that repatriation is not guaranteed. However, DAS have provided recovery back to the UK from Europe in the past for a number of our customers who required it, and these customers have given us extremely positive feedback with regard to the service they have received from DAS and ourselves.

    It is worth mentioning that the primary intention of the policy is to get the insured back on the road as quickly as possible, not just to provide a recovery service home. As it states in the policy wording – “At all times we decide on the best way of providing help.” DAS will evaluate each breakdown on its own merits and deal with it in the best way possible under the policy wording.

    Please accept our apologies for any concern that this has caused. I hope this now clears up any queries anyone may have had with regard to the cover provided. If anyone would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me via Personal Message.

    Kind Regards,

    Mark Harman
    Office Manager
    Cherished Vehicle Insurance
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    Cheers for getting back to us Mark.
    So, just for clarity, if my bus suffers a breakdown whilst abroad that cannot be fixed by a local garage, will it be recovered to the UK? Unlike with a Ford Mondeo, not every garage will have the knowledge of old air-coolers. Or, will you tow it to a garage and its then my problem?
    Clearly any holiday makers first choice will be to get it fixed and carry on; but we all know this will not always be possible.
    Not trying to be difficult here but genuinely interested.

    Ps. Can we assume that your staff will be re-trained to give the correct information when questioned about policy details?
  14. Does anyone know of a policy that covers classic cars & has repatriation cover.

    Tried looking at Aa Rac etc but they all seem to exclude cars over 5 or 6 years old. Or talk about repairs/transport etc not being more than market value, and some woolly wording about how it's their decision what market value is!!
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  17. Whilst on holiday in France with our Buses, Redarmy's bus had a problem and wasn't drivable, I remember that his insurance company spoke about "Righting Off" the van if the repairs/repatriation cost more than the Bus !! :(

    So, for example if the bus is worth, say £2000 and the costs of repair / repatriation etc cost more, the insurance would right the bus off :(
  19. Yes I take loads of spares and I think the cherished local garage repair would cover me for most stuff.

    But what if the engine drops a valve etc etc. I'd really want to get the bus home and rebuild/source a new engine myself. I'd guess a garage quote for a totally new engine will be high, especially as they'll factor in who's paying the bill (insurance).

    I'll give the rac a ring and see what their 'extra' for older than 11 is. I'm guessing the call centre girl will laugh at how much over 11 years it is!
  20. How much do you think it would be to get a broken van transported back from France/Germany to northern Uk.

    Maybe over this value and they'd write it off?

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