Type 4 2056 cc EFI Engine Build

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  1. Mine certainly doesn't rev freely, but if it did I would, it's hard not use power if it's there. However, a bigger part of me thinks this is good as it means there is no point revving it above 4,000rpm so I get to drive without feeling like a boy racer.
  2. What’s your engine specification?
  3. It looks like your RR guys know what they are doing – and know what a RR is useful for.
  4. The problem is that we don't really get to try other of engines to see what the differences are before we decide what to do. This Modified section is good so we can see what the end result of a certain set of mods is and learn from it.
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  5. Bogo 1600
  6. Final spec for mine:

    2056 cc (96 x 71), 9:1, 1800 heads ported, 40 mm IDF pattern ITBs with injectors on CSP manifolds. Exhaust is stock with standard heat exchangers. Cam is EMW C grind, 270 duration and 0.425" lift. Crank fired ignition with wasted spark. All controlled by Megasquirt 2.

    What I would like next is more capacity via a longer stroke, but this time I wanted to spend the money on EFI instead. I would also like to try Drive By Wire, but that's expensive. Idle speed control, especially when cold, and anti stall would be cool.
  7. They do a lot of historic racing engines, TRs, Astons, Minis etc. They know what works when they build engines and they set up the engine for maximum power. The actual number is irrelevant, just the best you can get. Lots of people have claimed high power cars, but get overtaken on track. In racing the BS gets found out quickly!
  8. I've seen a couple of megasquirt builds running drive by wire using the golf mk4 (i think) throttle body and pedal potentiometer. Depends how easy it is to ge the megasquirt connect with the throttle body i suppose.
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  9. MS does support DBW. It would be an interesting project.
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  10. @Razzyh What’s your engine specification?
  11. Not sure on full build. You'll need to ask @Paul Weeding. Sounds about the same though.
  12. Similar but not the same

    AMC heads 39.3x33
    107i cam from Web (can't remember the spec off the top of my head)
    AA 2056 b&ps
    Stock con rods

    Owen's is
    1800 41x34 heads with stainless valves
    AA barrels with Keith Black pistons
    H beam rods
    EMW C grind cam

    So same cc but plenty different... I would've put a bit more cam into owen's, as I know type 4s like it, but not going mad with it we stuck to the first stage upgrade :cool:
  13. Just found the dyno charts for Jake Raby's Camper Special vs stock 2L.
    Not sure what the specs are though as he doesn't build them anymore. Still same displacement as stock.
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  14. Very different? Grunt from tickover rather than 3000rpm. I have 55 more lb/ft torque than Jake. Jake's peak power is 500 rpm higher.
  15. Here's mine again.
  16. Not sure if he ever actually got proper full throttle dyno figures at those low revs!
  17. Something does look a little sus about the graphs. 118lb/ft at 0 revs. :thinking:
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  18. Drawn in crayon. Over 100 lbf at 7000 revs too.
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  19. Here is mine...note its in KW.

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