Type 4 2056 cc EFI Engine Build

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  1. The 'final' engine build for the van is getting underway now, progress and pictures to be posted here. The specification will be:

    96 mm bore x 71 mm stroke
    8.5 CR
    Ported 1800 heads heads 41 x 34 valves
    Eurorace C cam, 270 degrees x 0.425" lift
    40 mm IDF pattern throttle bodies with multi point injectors
    CSP manifolds, match ported
    CSP bell crank linkage
    The Dub Shop loom and crank fired ignition
    Cylinder head and ambient temperature sensors
    Oxygen sensor
    Stock heat exchangers
    Exhaust TBA
    228 mm clutch
    Uprated oil pump
    Remote underside oil cooler with thermostatic control
  2. I'll post up some pictures of the kit when it arrives from The Dub Shop. The engine is already out @Paul Weeding's place and once the parts arrive he will be getting on with the build.
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  4. @Paul Weeding did me a nice twin tip box, but it's a bit noisy! What's the CSP like to live with?
  5. The main stumbling block with that, is your tow bar... plus I was going to re-do the one I made to quieten it down for you :)
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  6. I need the towbar for the Puck. I'm working on getting it finished while you're sorting the engine.
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  7. This sounds like one tasty build. What sort of power are you expecting from that little lot?
  8. Should be in the 120 to 130 bracket I think :)

    I've not done a 2056 with 1800 heads before :)
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  9. Im using the python exhaust,its nice and deep sounding,great exhaust but it is expensive
  10. It's not really a power build, I'm trying to keep it sensible and aiming at bottom end rather than top end.
  11. Its exactly what i wanted and what i got,nice midrange and torque.
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  12. Sorry to be nosey, but as a ball park what is the £££ on something like this?

    Very rough figure.
  13. I'd guess £5K to £7K
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  14. It depends what you're starting with, but for me probably £6k by the time it's mapped buying all new kit.
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  15. My box of goodies arrived from the US today and will be winging its way to @Paul Weeding shortly. I've had a look but CBA unpacking it all and repacking for TNT, so I'll wait for Paul to get a picture of all the stuff once it's unpacked.
  16. So, after waiting for my slot from @Paul Weeding, I got a couple of pictures today and the engine is starting to take shape.


  17. Time for some more updates... Been totally bogged at the moment, and jobs have got pushed back, but starting to catch back up again now :thumbsup:

    Dry install of the B&Ps to check the deck height... Came in at 1mm dead, and the heads cc'd at 55, so that gives me a static comp of 9.3:1, going to pop in a .3mm shim which will drop us down to bang on 9:1 :thumbsup:

    Quick adjustment of the Edis sensor so there is a nice flat gap.


    KB pistons :cool:

    Going in the barrel after I'd installed the piston rings

    More tomorrow :thumbsup:
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  18. Couple of head pics.

    New springs and retainers (I've done this once already, but the tappets had started to chew the ends of the valve stems, so new stainless valves too)

    Stainless valves (41x34)

    Quick peek down the intake :thumbsup:
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  19. Coming along nicely now :thumbsup:


    Forgot to get a pic with the heads on, so we jump ahead a little...




    Looking forward to getting this in and running now :cool:
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  20. Oh, and I must remember to check the camera lense for dust :rolleyes:

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