Type 4 2056 cc EFI Engine Build

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  1. Km/hour by looks of gear changes on left?
  2. Blue is wheel horsepower. The negative part is the run down and they use that to estimate losses, which are added in to give the red corrected line. This is estimated engine horsepower. The difference in dyno readings is the difference in the accuracy of the dyno and also in the way it estimates losses and comes up with the corrected figures.

    Edit: did I answer the wrong question?
  3. Yes, you answered what already I knew.:)
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  4. Im not sure?

    He tested for max power then we adjusted it for better drivability ,the power comes on very nice at 3800rpm,it holds 70mph on the motorway at 1/3 on the flats.
    Im not really interested in hp but more interested in torque and how it runs.
  5. Power comes on at about 3800? That's been built for power, not torque. Just saying. That would drive me potty. :)
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  6. Just as a comparison.
    Stock 1.9WBX (69x94) engine dyno graphs. Lower powered 44kW (60bhp) one uses a single solex, higher powered (78bhp) one has twin choke pierburg. 140Nm is about 104lb/ft.
    It shows the lower powered one making about 95lb/ft of torque at 1200revs and the other one 85 at the same revs.
    I've looked for a stock 2L bay one but can't find one anywhere.
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