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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by loudoo2, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. With all these new years resolutions going on does anyone fancy joining the TLB Running Club? No joining fees or membership requirements, just support and motivation from fellow members.
  2. Running you say, well, it would be my pleasure to give you all the support and motivation you could possibly need!!! :eek:
  3. Can I be very rubbish at running but maybe wanting to do some in the new year to get fit? i'm out if you all start running marathons!
  4. i ll just sit here and coax you all ricky will go running with you all though
  5. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I'm in - experienced but veteran (slow) runner - always injured, like most runners :thinking:
  6. No risk of marathons!

    I'm thinking of starting off with small jogs no running, too much christmas food for running!!!
  7. alright..I'm in I'll start with fast walking before breaking out into a jog :- I'd rather cycle...but then i complain of a sore backside ::) so running it is. :)
  9. bernjb56

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  10. the running forum say's

    So what is the difference between jogging and running? There is no one definition but basically jogging is at a slower pace than running. Running a mile in less than 9 minutes is considered running. While running slower than a 9-minute mile is considered jogging.
    --end quote--

    :dog: :dog:
  11. right...I'm off out for a jog/run/stagger ;D I've decided to jog for 1 minute then walk for 1 minute and so on for 15 minutes.

    this is quite a good site for tips and motivation ;)

    so I've dusted off my trainers and a pair of trackies (usually reserved for sobbing around the house!)
  12. I would join but need advice from my doctor first. as being over 50 now i dont want to have a heart
  14. Started cycling to work when ever the weather allows me, been doing this for over a year now and feel a lot better for it.the 1st time i did it to work i was fecked before i started work lol. never mind the task of biking home after work.
  15. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Pondering driving the van to the gym, then doing a few miles :thinking:
  17. OK guys lets start slowly.

    We need to do at least one walk/jog/run by the weekend. No particular distance or times, do what you can. :)
  18. bernjb56

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    Just done my first run of the year - best thing to do is time rather than distance to start with.

    Walking then running is a good start - few minutes running, a minute walking or whatever feels right.

    I've got a long way to go to get back to where I was 3 months ago :( Ran for 15 minutes before I had to have a walk, but next time out it will be 16, and so on............
  19. ok I made it back woo hooo so did 15minutes running with 15 minutes walking ie 1 min jogging 1 min walking so in total 30 minutes of increase heart rate kept my heart rate around 165 bpm....I dont smoke and do walk a fair bit so general health is ok its just the spare couple of tires ::)

    feeling ok now..just showered and eaten my dinner half of what I'd normally eat...feel pretty darn good..gonna need motivation.

    great idea about everybody doing a run by the weekend ;)
  20. Count me in - first run tomorrow! My goal this year is to complete my mountain leader assessment for which you need to be super fit so a long way to go...

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