Time to start working off all that turkey

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Flakey, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Cheers

    I think I should be concentrating on staying injury free instead of thinking about beating last years time
    I couldn’t bear to go through the pain and lack of doing things again if I messed my groin back up.

    I did a gentle paced 5k today but the Strava app seems to have been drinking this afternoon

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  2. Another turbo session, this one hurt a bit more than the last. Still getting to grips with how the new turbo works ... apparently I was racing along Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 15.30.42.png
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  3. Still lost in France!


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  4. 5k on the treadmill this afternoon
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  5. Turbos are great for not having to worry about traffic...nice looking intervals!.. but I think you need to dial up the resistance a bit.. 175W got me an average 27km/h to work 165W got me 23km/h on the way back both 5 mins either side of an hour long ...more down than up going. So if you can get it to be about 25km/h for 170W it'll give you more of a realistic feel for speed / effort

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  7. Blimeee what a palava , two sh its on Boxing Day n mine was gone :thinking:
  8. Yes its easy to get the nice looking intervals ... in erg mode ... whatever that means. I'm still getting to grips with my new turbo and what it can and cant do. Plus I havent done any cycling for about 6 months and have a 44 mile sportive in 9 weeks. If the weather is OK I might even venture outside on Friday.

    Did another session today.

    BTW what do you use to measure your power outdoors?
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  9. Today's session
    Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 23.01.01.png
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  10. I thought erg did all the thinking for youl....My turbos not that "smart" i have to change gas to change power..44 miles that'll be a few hours in the saddle then..did a 100 miler around Anglesey last took me just under 7 hours...that hurt... I thought it was flat...wrong!
    Power meter is a Stages crank one... Eats batteries tough!
    If you want to pay about £7 a month Trainerroad has some good plans to follow...weathers turning again for the weekend be careful with ice.
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    You roadies don't half get technical :rolleyes:
  12. really I am a mountain biker but with one total hip replacement I tend to take it easy in the winter ... the technical bit is just trying to train smarter or at least measure what I'm doing so as to try and improve.

    The erg does ... you dial in the power and its adjusts resistance to your cadence ... with a THR I tend to keep clear indoors if its going to be icy ... looks like Sunday morning will be an hour on the turbo.
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  13. Like he says.. training smarter, when you've got 2km of swimming before and a half marathon after to train for can't be out enjoying yourself on a bike ride
    Though my ankles still having recovered from last year yet

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  14. Climbing wall for the 1st time in mirflelumble years on Tuesday night. Jeez could hardly steer the motor home. Still aching tonight.
  15. On the not as nimble as I used to be note!

    I’ve booked myself on a foundation yoga course starting next month
  16. Worst case of DOMS I ever had
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  17. Slightly tougher intervals this morning, somehow managed to pause the bloody app for a few minutes. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.56.20.png
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  18. After doing yoga?
  19. No bud:) after climbing wall. Mrs P has been on at me to go to yoga, but not my thing.
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  20. It's very good for releasing trapped wind, I believe.

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