Time to start working off all that turkey

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  1. Keep at it @Pickles :thumbsup: Take no notice if the rest of us slack gits don't get to you. We are with You!
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  2. 5 miles tonight on Beamsley Beacon and Round Hill near Bolton Abbey. No bunnies, gonna have to go kebab hunting.
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  3. Nice and thankfully the bunnies can sleep tight..
    How was the Strid flowing if you were thereabouts..
    Did you see any good looking properties for sale...Dacre et al seem to have their finger on the pulse.
  4. Not been near Strid for a bit, but work right next to the Wharfe. Comes in handy for a few casts at dinnertime.
  5. According to the stats didn't work as hard as the other day

    Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 18.06.47.png
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  6. What a difference a week makes. Carried along the same ridge as last weeks walk, setting off from Litton up to Horse Head and back down to Halton Gill and back to Litton. 10 map miles. Last week it was curlews calling, skylarks and tewfits (that's lapwings if tha's from a different dale) This week it's 3 foot snow hanging over peat bog. Leg dragging joy.
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  7. Fixed my turbo.. Sorted my catchy brakes... No more excuses!..
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  8. Ten miles along Sutton Bank and the white horse. Always takes longer that walk 'coz the view is sooooooo gob smacking. Can see from Teesdale all the way around to Doncaster and beyond. Pen Hill standing guard over Wensleydale is Tolkienesque what with its neighbour Great Whernside like a whale back to the west. Easy miles if you are in the area.
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  9. Finished the Northallerton 10k last weekend
    It was silly hot and a lot of runners were collapsing

    I finished 239th out of a thousand runners and came in at 53:24

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  10. Brilliant. I just signed up for the Scarborough 10k in October. I'm still finding it hard to get under 1 hour 17min. And it's totally flat along the front where they race.
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  11. If it’s your first 10k race don’t worry about your time
    Just finishing is an achievement
  12. Cant believe this thread was last updated almost a year ago, am still cycling and found Zwift the other day and now using that on the turbo in conjunction with actually riding on the road, training for my trip to the French Alps later in the summer.

    Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 19.14.47.png
  13. Do you need a special type of turbo for zwift?
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