The ones who never made it back

Discussion in 'The ones who never made it back' started by Woodylubber, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Im not putting the current breakdown recovery on here as you might get fed up looking at the same old bus :hattip:
  2. Just as I was thinking how well it was running...


  3. A mate of mine who was at Uni in Leicester used to push his old car round the corner from his house, call the AA and they would take him home...

    To Wales...
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  4. Looks like we are going to join the club :)

    Sat waiting for the AA, she has fuel, turns over but just won't fire!
  5. They say if there's no pics then it didn't happen, problem today is too many people have camera phones!

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  6. Bad luck Robo & family. Seems to be a bad weekend for it :( so almost glad we didn't go anywhere!
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  7. Accuspark, I bought the full kit (including new dizzy) in April and it looks like the module has failed! I've ordered a new one today & have got to send the old one back which when tested & found to be faulty they will send a replacement, they were very apologetic on the phone so can't fault them really!
  8. Cheers dude
    Ill be interested to hear what they say when you have sent it back as i have the same one on my bus

  9. Me too, the problem is if left a while it will fire & run for a second but then stops & won't start at all until left for a bit at which point it does it again! I suppose it depends how they test it, but I will be sure to update you once I've heard back however I'm not taking the old one off until the new one arrives & then I will send it back complete with the dizzy cap with the center nipple from the coil connection that is stuck in...
  10. Nice camper dude
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  11. Thanks dude :)
  12. It’s not a Late but it is a very Late model T5 California, trip around France and a check engine light followed by safe mode from the ECU = the AA is called and the Campers recovered to Newcastle from just this side of the Euro Tunnel.

    The Vans currently in the dealers who "Can't find anything wrong"

  13. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    My T5's warning/check your engine light came on while in France a couple of weeks back, I did my usual and it went out after a few days.
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  14. That is a lovely looking bus
  15. I don’t think it helped that Mr AA man read the ecu with his generic OBDII tool, decided it's best not to drive (Turbo pressure sensor) then cleared the codes :rolleyes: leaving the dealer in the North with little idea.

    Ooops, It's not 6 months old yet
  17. Tony on the a1 m coming back from dent music/beer festival the other week ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21373443253.629501.jpg
    Engine seized solid :(
  18. Hahaa
  19. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Do you not like Lowie?
  20. Its upside down, made me laugh

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