The ones who never made it back

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Woodylubber, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Alternator pulley disintegrated after 400 miles, I look very sad lol
  2. ohh happens to me a lot that well twice has it knacked your alternator ?
  3. yeah, managed to get it to a service station near Birmingham and the nut had seized onto the shaft so the nice RAC man decided to shear it off before her get a wagon for me, 8 hours to get from Birmingham to Hull!! Good times!
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    Skippy joins the club. Turns out it was a leak in the carburetter float. Ho Hum!

  5. Skippy looks good on the back of that wagon tho!!
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    Poor old Reggie, was it a stone or a bird?
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    Im so pleased that we broke down today in the hills of north wales, since we have Ella we have had a occasionall noise that no one has been able to find as it stops as soon as you get underneath to look for it . But today the noise carried on and it turned out to be the fuel pump which had packed up ,so as we rolled to a stop outside a cottage ,the old couple that live there came out for a chat and guessed we had broken down,as they had one just like ours which they had only just got rid of 1 year ago ,




    The number plate on the breakdown van says it all .WTF
  9. Oh dear :-( just text you too
  10. Showing off aren't u.At least you got outta the front drive :( :(
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    Barry Bus has also joined the club having fried his ignition bits and pieces when the charging regulator went AWOL :( And just 99 miles from home too but he did me proud. He managed to make it to Cornwall and was averaging 23mpg albeit with a few conking out moments. But enough was enough on the way home on a steep hill on the A303 with no hazard lights. So he was nursed to safety under all the power he could manage and we awaited for the big yellow to arrive.


    And all because l was carrying one of Moira's Budgies of Camper-doom. But not anymore.
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  12. Thats brian the budgie of fun! We Still have him on the mirror and he is going to stay there to prove the point! Budgies Dont kill people rappers do! :eek:
  13. Just to clarify i Dont think rappers kill people ....... well thats an aside its just a comic lyric thats all so keep your knickers on and ear pluggs in people!::)
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    Didn't make it to Open Golf that day - gearbox died with a big bang!!

    Roadside picnic on M25 was an experience though LOL
  16. Elvis coming back from spring camp and yorkshire dales tour.Slight oil problem filled cab with smoke!!![​IMG]
  18. As posted elsewhere, Belle made it back but then never made it out again. Off to Essex for a gearbox rebuild. And I'm off there as well as I got into the office and saw my Propex, still in its box, sitting under my printer. D'oh!
  19. Sorry no pics with this post didn't have my camera handy.

    Heading home from Southwold today, about 10 miles from home. After glancing at the milometer was thinking wow, we've covered 1200 miles in Flo since we bought her in October. Shortly after that she spluttered and died and I coasted to the hard shoulder.

    RAC man arrived 1 hour later. Checked spark which was good despite the gnarly looking HT lead he showed me that I need to replace. He pulled the fuel pipe off the pump and the gush of fuel showed I hadn't run out! The gauge totally unreliable so I wasn't 100% sure.

    Then he found no output from the fuel pump when I cranked the engine.

    So Flo covered the last 10 miles home about 8 feet from the rear of the RAC van with me fretting trying to steer her straight. Luckily the towing point is still strong.

    New fuel pump on order.

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