The ones who never made it back

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  2. Dad keeps reminding me I'm not a true vw owner till I come home on a truck. That's fine by me, the longer the better. Lol
  3. Should have posted here a while ago.. I'll just add pics from the first of many.



    The only bonus is, the van does look good in that light :D
  4. Arthur - the day after purchase, having snapped the only ignition key in half in the barrel

  5. ^ poor Arthur looking all dejected up there. Did you buy him the bum-stickers to cheer him up then? :)
  6. LOL@bum stickers
  8. [​IMG]

    Why do we take these photos?

    150 (ish) miles after buying it, the coil went.
  9. 4 hours to do 5 miles agghhhh
    after adjusting my clutch cable at the weekend it stretched some more on the way home and after me n fletch k+++
    tried to adjust it up the cable finally snapped so rac time again did nt get no real photo or the low loader george was wanting
    so did nt get any good pics
    new one on order and barry has been upgraded to my daily ;)
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    ^ you should have shouted up mate...Ive got a bn spare cable in the westy at home...
  11. Typical lol
    It s home now the Rac man even shoved up my drive with the tow thingy new on order from heritage 12 hours after ordering some other bits agghh another job for the weekend
  12. [​IMG]

    Alternator pulley disintegrated after 400 miles, I look very sad lol
  13. ohh happens to me a lot that well twice has it knacked your alternator ?
  14. yeah, managed to get it to a service station near Birmingham and the nut had seized onto the shaft so the nice RAC man decided to shear it off before her get a wagon for me, 8 hours to get from Birmingham to Hull!! Good times!
  15. sANDYbAY

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    Skippy joins the club. Turns out it was a leak in the carburetter float. Ho Hum!

  16. Skippy looks good on the back of that wagon tho!!
  17. Im so pleased that we broke down today in the hills of north wales, since we have Ella we have had a occasionall noise that no one has been able to find as it stops as soon as you get underneath to look for it . But today the noise carried on and it turned out to be the fuel pump which had packed up ,so as we rolled to a stop outside a cottage ,the old couple that live there came out for a chat and guessed we had broken down,as they had one just like ours which they had only just got rid of 1 year ago ,




    The number plate on the breakdown van says it all .WTF
  18. Oh dear :-( just text you too
  19. Showing off aren't u.At least you got outta the front drive :( :(
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    Barry Bus has also joined the club having fried his ignition bits and pieces when the charging regulator went AWOL :( And just 99 miles from home too but he did me proud. He managed to make it to Cornwall and was averaging 23mpg albeit with a few conking out moments. But enough was enough on the way home on a steep hill on the A303 with no hazard lights. So he was nursed to safety under all the power he could manage and we awaited for the big yellow to arrive.


    And all because l was carrying one of Moira's Budgies of Camper-doom. But not anymore.
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