The ones who never made it back

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  1. Hope its not too serious lowie.
  2. No nothing a good nights sleep won't sort I try again Tommorow ;)
  3. Woodylubber

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    He's just saving petrol ;)
  5. Silver

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    You should get 'the bus' rather than 'your bus' to work. :)
  6. Woodylubber

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  7. He told me even the rac relay now it going to take ages to get from Cornwall ;) cos I ain't drive ing all that way
  8. 72wilma

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  9. Yeah but at least like woody says saves petrol
  10. Terrordales

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    Went to pick so last supplies this morning, on the way into town I get a flat tyre :mad:
    Change tyre, drop it into local tyre fixing man who says it'll be about an hour hour & a half. No problem says me, I've got something to pick up in Albion Park & I'll be about an hour.
    Off I toddle to Albion Park, pick up what I needed & head back to tyre place, when joy of joys the front right tyre suddenly goes flat.
    Phone tyre man, can't leave workshop as he's got more people in since I was there, phone NRMA (AA/RAC equivilent) we'll send a tow. Long story short, I saved some petrol but now have 2 repaired tyres ^-^


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    wecome to the club
  12. Here's just two of the many Recovery trucks we've been on. Haven't driven the Bus yet so there's plenty of time.:rolleyes:
    So far the beetle is averaging nearly 50 to the gallon using this method. :D


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  13. kenregency

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    getting worried more blue vans than others:oops:
  14. [​IMG]

    Last spring the journey from North Norfolk to London should have been a pleasant drive, but.... due to the 009 dizzy self destructing, she only got as far as Newmarket after many stops, until I could advance the ignition no more, two recovery trucks and ten hours later we got home.
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  15. That looks a lovely beetle (the not running aside)
  16. Now it's sorted (crap alternator) she's lovely.
  17. Sorry no pics available, digital hadn't been invented back then and film processing was too expensive to waste on recovery trucks, but it was a standing joke, with my mates, that I used the AA to take me to and from university at holidays. I had beetles and they always managed to develop faults when it was time to drive home for the holidays, I saved a lot of petrol and it was in the days when the AA didn't charge any more to cover old vehicles. I must have had about four lifts from them in one direction or the other at holiday times. :) Sorry if my actions have led to the increase in cost of breakdown cover for our Bugs and Campers. :oops:
  18. jivedubbin

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    Im not putting the current breakdown recovery on here as you might get fed up looking at the same old bus :hattip:
  19. Just as I was thinking how well it was running...


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