The ones who never made it back

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Woodylubber, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Never mind never made it back....we never made it to Camper Jam :(


    Arthur - 50 miles north of CJ. Still he still looks pretty.
  3. Sorry you didnt make it ,what ab um,consider RAC arrival, they take you too your booked hol/event destination then bring you back after. ???
  6. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    oh no Lowie :( :( what happened?
  9. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    glad you're all home safe now. i bet George loved the recovery truck ;)
  10. yeah he did i got him the middle seat in the front but 20 mins later he was fast on
  12. We broke down in Devon last week (live in Sussex). We're RAC and the recovery contractor said "RAC are the only ones that take your all the way home and don't relay you".

    He could be wrong.
  13. Yeah the rac all ways take me home
    I am on first name terms with a lot of them now lol
    I even get a invite to there Xmas doo lol
  14. Poor old Skeeter is in a bit of a flap at the moment.

    Got her home :)

    She has a nasty knocking noise in engine area :(

    We'll have to investigate over the next few weekends.

    Already sorted the fan housing, manifold & alternator mount this last week so more to come I feel sure :(




  15. ah gutting :(
  16. Who said volkswagens were reliable?
  18. ...and again,

    She got all the way from Lincoln to the F1 in Belgium and back to just north of the Dartford tunnel. I've blown an oil seal somewhere, I'll take the engine out tomorrow. Looks like the flywheel oil seal, I had a vibration through the gear nob and rough noise for a while before it went.

    My Mrs and friend waiting for the AA,

    Oil covered rear,
  19. This was our first outing in the Bus ..... Plymfest, the wife was well impressed with my new 'aquisition'

    Stopped at Collumpton Services for a coffee.
  20. after a hard at work i couldn’t face the drive home
    but i did manage to drive it back up the drive cos it was to steep for the recovery truck to push it up ;)

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