"The Bug"

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  1. Just done yearly oil change. No need to ask. Look at photo :p. Inside shot of new disc kit .
    8F6B5AA6-310B-449E-BC81-12B564DC4C07.jpeg ACA91966-DB7F-4A55-A9CE-702748D1998E.jpeg 8DE2E84B-C5BC-476F-A436-D29195AE02B9.jpeg

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  2. Seem to have been collecting loads of parts for the bus and the bug lately, but not getting time to fit them. Finally started this afternoon.
    F6387D6B-3BBF-427D-80DC-BD1A392AABD3.jpeg B0F1B573-807A-436B-9033-3E9525222F7C.jpeg 50F7B078-2300-4919-AF75-BEC9C8BB0A2C.jpeg 763F9E20-7446-4A2A-9FAA-5C4AA364C346.jpeg
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  3. Shoes worn and cylinders leaking. Got the parts from VWH when they had a 30% off.
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  4. C7605D96-67DF-45BF-AA36-9767726AA4E2.jpeg F3A320F1-897E-4E0E-9B6C-C44FE7549B2B.jpeg
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  5. Still the original steel brake pipes, came off a treat. Also got to use a genuine Hazet workshop brake adjuster tool recently given to me by and old VW mechanic
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  6. Changed the gearbox oil. Bought enough to do the camper as well. Handy suction tool was only £7 from eBay. Made the job a lot easier.
  7. Got my GT wheels back on for a change. Makes the car look a lot meaner.
    1D041A93-0150-46C0-875A-78BF6F035815.jpeg 93D6938D-46AA-44AD-BCBF-A882A5693AC1.jpeg
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  8. Dubs

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  9. Cheers Dubs. It could do with a makeover now but I use it every day and love it.
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  10. Dubs

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    It's what they where made for! :thumbsup:
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  11. 69B84FBB-A56F-423D-9E8A-F192D1F1E848.jpeg Cold today
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