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  2. System fitted and plumbed in using 50mm waste pipe. This was the largest diameter that would fit between the bonnet hinges and fuel tank but sadly only available in white. Very cheap option and lots of different bends and Y sections etc. Only cost about a tenner from toolstation. Still need to trim the inside pipe down a bit. Also the fuel tank is very temporary. Loads of hot air at the touch of a switch and fully independent of engine with a second battery under the back seat. Can’t wait for the next cold spell.
  3. Next jobs to seal off the bulk head, buy/ make a smaller fuel tank, make a new boot floor, refit carpets, trim the pipe inside.
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  5. Been fine tuning the pipes. Made the drivers side pipe 40mm. It's now not rubbing on the bonnet hinge and it's better having more heat on the passenger side instead of directly above your legs. Screwed and glued now and painted black.
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    V nice. Think you should be able to test it today as it’s cold enough! Just a question. Why did you not buy black pipe, to save painting it?
  7. Install looks good. What you gonna do with the spare wheel?

    Be careful using upvc pipe with heaters. I heard they give off a toxic gas if they get too warm.
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  8. Very good question. Slightly annoyingly Toolstation only do the 50mm in white. All other sizes in black or white.
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  9. Going to take a gamble on no spare wheel. Never used one in 32 years. Got a pump and repair sludge out of a new car. Only three miles to work so max one and a half mile walk. I can always put it on top of the carpet if I want to.

    I’ve only had the heater set to half way. On max it was about 100 degrees. Not sure if it gets hot enough to give off fumes. No funny smell and I have a carbon monoxide alarm under the dash. I’ll read up on it though
  10. Be careful using upvc pipe with heaters. I heard they give off a toxic gas if they get too warm.[/QUOTE]
    Would welcome any input here. So far it seems it’s only an issue if it melts or burns.
  11. 20190202_112509.jpg 20190202_112545.jpg Made my own fuel tank from a fuel can. Pick up pipe and breather. Wood frame raises the boot floor by a couple of inches.
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  12. 20190202_122600.jpg 20190202_122728.jpg 20190202_122710.jpg Had some spare time at work so give it a good wash.
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    Bet that heater is nice in this weather!
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  14. Very nice. Makes driving bearable
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  15. Just fitted a drum to disc kit from Veewee. £240 included everything including all bolts etc. Very easy swap And everything fitted perfectly.
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