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  1. Had a very busy day and also very successful. The bug was bought by my dad in the early 90s and restored by me and him but it always sat a bit wonky. The right rear wheel had too much camber and the right rear suspension was 2cm higher than the left. Anyway about 25 years later I've sorted it. Fitted a new "A" arm . At the same time I've replaced the wheel bearing, bump stop, torsion bar bushes and set the ride height. It's the first time in 35 years of beetle and bus ownership that I've got involved with the rear suspension.
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  2. [ATTACH 20180804_141745.jpg 20180804_100614.jpg 20180804_141745.jpg 20180804_123628.jpg
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  3. 20180804_144916.jpg 20180804_141721.jpg
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  4. Set rear toe at 0 degrees ref Haynes.
  5. Lovely motor I used my last one daily did nearly 30k one year and they are great if you keep on top of maintenance. Those carb heaters also work a treat. Look after it :)
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  6. Still using the bug every day and loving it but the last couple of frosty mornings have been a real pain. I can happily put a woolly jumper and hat on but low morning sun and a frosted windscreen is just getting silly so ref. The “cheap Chinese heater” thread I’ll be fitting one in to the bug.
    Without any regret, during the summer, I lowered the suspension and fitted a CSP stainless exhaust and J tubes. It now looks and sounds great but I have zero heating and it’s too low to get on the steep drive so my 240 volt heater plugged in to the shed idea is no longer an option.
    The Chinese heater is a 2kw copy of an Eberspacher. It cost £119 and has been bench tested. Quality and heat appear very good. Fingers crossed.
  7. This seems to be the perfect spot for it. No need to cut any holes and it’s as far as possible from the Petrol tank.

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  8. Bench test 20181101_172807.jpg 20181101_172751.jpg
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  9. nice vert
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  10. A few holes have already been cut when the AC was fitted back in Florida.
  11. thanks. I love it. It’s a bit tatty close up, but very solid.
  12. i ve done a couple and there not cheap but great fun to drive , a rea;l headturner
  13. If I didn’t own the bus as well , this would get a whole lot more love. One day :thumbsup:
  14. Great to see a bug in daily use!

    I wish I had only 3 miles to work each day, would take mine more often.
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  15. I've made a wooden base about 1 inch high and lined it with silver tape. This will make it easier to seal against the boot floor and stop heat transfer.
  16. 20181108_171024.jpg This is the fuel tank that came in the kit. Probably not use it as it's 10ltrs
  17. My bug has always been my daily even when I was commuting.

    I agree that frosty mornings, low sun and wearing more clothes in the bug than outside isn’t the most fun but it still makes me smile seeing my breath form ice patterns on the inside of the windscreen :)
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  18. I still love driving the beetle as well, but just a bit sick on the really cold days. As a mechanic I could easily get a decent reliable car with amazing heaters for a couple of hundred quid, but where’s the fun in that.
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