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  1. Despite having forked out on a new servo I would be happy to find it's the valve. But I doubt it. As it happens I have a new valve on order too so I'll check it out when they arrive.
  2. It was a non-return valve. The hose connector on the Varga servo is also a non-return valve but because my carbtune weight was bobbing up and down I fitted another one closer to the manifold that I got from the local hydraulics place. It ended up melting in the HX waste air outlet enough to seize up. :rolleyes:
    I could just join the pipes TBH. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. It wasn't that, but thank you for nudging me into thinking it over again, it was a non-return valve in the vacuum pipe. :thumbsup:
  4. So it wasn’t your servo after all?
  5. I started the engine then pulled the hose off the servo, no vacuum on pipe tested with thumb, no change engine note.

    So I put that back and disconnected engine side of the valve - lots of vacuum, stumbling engine.

    Took it right off, it's foobarred. It was unsuitable for the environment when I fitted it a few years ago as an experiment. :oops:

    JK will refund but I'll have to pay the post.
  6. I used a cheapo metal non-return from fleaBay up by the manifold (although the servo’s got one built in). Bit more robust than the plastic jobs (which are hideously expensive).

    At least you’re sorted!
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  7. Maybe I'll send the whole lot back and cover the post costs with a cheap ebay valve. :thinking:

    ...which I want to move so I need to fit something 12mm OD in it's old position. Can't find anything knocking about.
  8. What ID is your vacuum pipe? I’ve got a few of them going spare (not 10mm ID ones, tho’). You’re welcome to one of them.
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  9. Filmore earning his keep - part 2. Car boot sale. Only one joker today asking if he could buy the van for 50p. Oh how I laughed

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  10. That's very kind. It's my inclination to root about for something!
    1/2" internal hose What are the "them" you have a few of?
  11. Metal non-return valves. I’ll see if I’ve got a 1/2” jobbie.
  12. They're so cheap I'd want two so no worries. What I'm banging my head on is simply joining the hose which it a appears is impossible without buying 4 fittings for £4.50 from Hong Kong!
  13. Have you tried the blue Tefen nylon adaptors? My van’s stuffed with them.
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  14. It gets a bit hot in this location, I have something metal in my mind's eye. A piece of copper pipe, 2" chopped off an old jack handle or steel conduit... Something I can repurpose seems appropriate for the job. :)
  15. I think mine is a diesel, fuel check non return valve. In metal. I should check its still working tbh

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  16. No doubt much to the chagrin of my hand surgeon (still got 2x k-wires in my left ring finger) I set about removing the old (stock style, stainless) exhaust in preparation for a merged header type that I managed to pick up cheap recently.
    Surprisingly that took all of 25 mins (must've used plenty of anti-seize last time I put it on) so decided to have a go at removing the tow bar which has been a permanent fixture since before the van first came into the family in 1996. In all those 24 years it'd never been used save to fend off the odd car park nudge and it'd been something I've wanted to tackle in ages but always put off due to the extremely rusty looking bolts holding it and the bumper irons in place. Ended up having to use a nut splitter (ouch) on 2 nuts but after 3 very trying hours it's all off. Tow bar now advertised for sale on the forum in the relevant section.
    It's amazing what you can get done with just 1 and 1/2 hands if you're bored and determined enough!
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  17. Slept in mine all weekend, and bled someones brakes on the rally field.. Joys[​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. Fitted chrome headlight rims.

    They are chromed plastic, so quite likely to fly off into a hedge, or crushed by oncoming traffic.

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  19. Played whack-a-mole with my cab door card clips.

    Grovelled under van working out route for Ebers exhaust that involves the least inhalation of carbon monoxide.
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  20. Not at all, far better than the tin ones, are they new?
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