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  1. DCO
  2. I spent many a semi-content hour during lockdown doing a similar thing. Chilling in the van with a beer, while it sat on the drive. Not the wearing of Crocs!
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  3. Summoned the enthusiasm to get under and adjust the handbrake cable. Loads more to do under there, but I can't be ar*ed.

    Sorted out slightly jammy accelerator pedal (linkage fouling new cable in engine compartment), then noticed that my ingenious throttle cable arrangement doesn't open the carbs fully. The ferrule on the EMPI universal cable effectively acts as an endstop, when I've still got about 15º of throttle plate opening to go. Never noticed it before, and not a prob as I only rev the engine to about 4500.

    Scarily, boot to the floor I can do a (GPS) 75mph with the existing arrangement...and I've still got a third of throttle unused :eek:...
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  4. See, who needs a subaru :D
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  5. Took him for a blast down the A303 yesterday in the cool evening air. He just romps along...

    With twin Dells, the fuel gauge does move in the opposite direction to the speedo, tho’

    I’ve nothing against Subaru conversions. They’re a perfect solution for the elderly :thumbsup:
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  6. Gearbox oil change pre holiday. Probably did it last about 6 years ago...shame! Never buy a house from a builder:D
    No large chunks of metal so that's a good sign. I managed to drop my wrench into the oil tray. Made a simple job much more disagreeable and rather messy. All cleaned up now :rolleyes:
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  7. Who did that?:)
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  8. Do you shave or wax?

  9. They’re waxed. I went down the salon with Baz last week. He was having his eyebrows done.
  10. Its going up a hill that matters. You need more throttle for that than on the flat. Even my 1641 doesnt need full throttle for 65-70 on the flat but needs 120% on hills .
  11. The reservoirs are still full. Phew. But flip, I forgot a new o-ring for the servo / master cylinder join. :rolleyes:
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  12. Did you get your 1mm push rod clearance ?
  13. Aye. :)
    It's been good for 5 years but within about 10 miles servo assistance went from full to zero.
    I guess one final thing I should have checked and will check is that the vacuum non return valve hasn't gone potty. :thinking:
  14. 9E98D824-4A06-4C37-A16B-E1C591C9BE1C.jpeg
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  15. You really shouldn’t be posting pictures of @bernjb56 legs without his permission you know.
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  16. He keeps emailing them!
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  17. Seen the price of "official" VW ones :eek:? Time to go Chinese.
  18. Well, I mis-spoke. Turns out the EMPI ferrule was slipping down the cable. Order has now been restored, and I have full throttle again.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Retrieved two awol rivets. Thanks for the tip. I’d have never thought to be aware of them sliding around. Also found an ancient broken off upholstery clip - no Rain Stick calming effect whilst I drive now...don’t want anything drowning out the Led Zeppelin

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  20. My Peugeot diesel does this - the vaccum non return valve on the vacuum pump sticks and because it is designed to only work with a servo the pedal goes rock hard and the car doesnt stop at the first T junction..
    The ball sticks to the seat in the valve.
    Because it was a metal bodied valve, I soaked it in carb cleaner. And the problem went.
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