The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

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  1. you rebel :D
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  2. That code seems to have expired. The other code is for 5% at the moment.
  3. Checked the oil and tyre pressures. New tyres were different to each other. The garage took 90 mins to change them and left a wheel nut loose too.
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  4. Checked the oil and tyre pressures and filled it up with petrol, then gave it a quick wash ready for the trip down to Keith's field tomorrow. :thumbsup:
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  5. Nothing , i`ll do all the Keiths field sorting out tomorrow - can`t be rushing can we ??

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  6. Changed the number plates.
    955 to 51657 to retain the lower number in the family.
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  7. big fat bugger all.

    it's all about tomorrow
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  8. Disconnected and capped off the Ethernet cable, left the mains cable plugged in for the fridge overnight. All work computer kit removed temporarily.
  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Emptied it of crap (again).
    Will load it up soon then sod of camping.
    Happy days
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  10. I’ve taken ours away for a 4 day break


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  11. Rebuilt and set up my carburettor, sleeping on a friends driveway tonight as building a summerhouse for them over the weekend [​IMG]

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  12. Have you got a large family?

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  13. Fitted a reversing camera- cheap eBay purchase 5 years ago, just getting round to it now....

    It may last but at least the wiring is in at both ends if it doesn’t
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  14. Fitted saucy brake hoses...

    a newy brake hose 6s.jpg

    Did a bit of knitting under the van...

    a newy servo in 6s.jpg
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  15. There’s more to come down the back...
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  16. Washed it.
  17. Me, the wife, the 14yr old son and a mad 2yr old boxer who doesn’t like the heat and can’t be trusted to sleep on his own.

    So I’m in the awning with the dog.....the wife has begrudgingly joined me so the son is sleeping alone in the van.

    I’m am on my 3rd air bed today as the others have somehow got punctured during the night..... I feel sure the dog and wife know more than they are saying as the wife’s air bed is fine!

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  18. Got my highly trained team treating the underside to a coat of Rustoleum primer




    Done about half the underside and we’ve run out of paint !

    Off to get some more tomorrow

  19. Meanwhile I serviced the passenger cab door

    Before it’s deep internal clean


    It’s now clean as a whistle.


    I’ve ‘spray greased’ the window winder mechanism and silicone sprayed the window guide felts.

    The difference at the winder handle is night and day and it’s really quiet in operation now.

    Going to waxoyl the inside of the door before putting in a new plastic barrier and door card.

    Cleaner job than my underside operatives got ;)

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