The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Did prep and inspection for future rear arch work. Crazy filler on rear corner better ordered some proper masks....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. A2A40712-697C-4899-BDD2-B38F10C5EFB4.jpeg Rust treated and refreshed my cab floor a bit. F5E14433-4233-44BB-BAA3-C9905F9CC341.jpeg
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  3. I did was just messing around.

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  4. Now THATS a lot of filler...
  5. Made a new handle for my ball pein hammer.
    I was so mortified lending it to @davidoft at Techenders a few years back in return for learning fast gasket cutting, and warning him the head of the hammer was loose. So I eventually found a broken rake handle and cut and planed it down this afternoon. Then hammered it on and hammered bits of stainless steel strip in to hold the head on.
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  6. Here's a tip. If you're giving your alternator a workout, don't rev the engine too hard :(

    a fused meter 6s.jpg
  7. I have done something to my bus, a rare thing lately. Changed exhaust and ordered yet another (3rd) wideband o2 sensor. Maybe it'll last longer on this exhaust. Also ordered a horrendously expensive thermostat from Awsome Powdercoat as my oil never gets hot enough even blatting up the motorway. I'm hoping to loose 10psi pressure by getting the oil hotter.
    That's my budget spunked for this year.
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  8. 6F77B041-49F4-4DF7-A0B3-75579E47C67C.jpeg Washed me door panels. First time since 2013.
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  9. So you can get 10 amps out of it. Or were you secretly measuring the current across the terminals of a 12 volt battery...

    You need one of these...


    Worth 200 of your puny fuses Mwahahahahaha

    Got this one cheap ex MOD on ebay for £30 .. it had a missing battery cover. So I chopped up some acrylic sheet..
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  10. Shoulda got a Fluke ;)

    Probably would have fused that too :rolleyes:
  11. Oi. My Tek’s a wonderful thing. He tells me things.

    Bloody Bussmann fuses are thirteen quid each. Thirteen quid!
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  12. But they dont blow, wait a bit , condense metal on the glass, go live again ... and they will break 600 volts and not explode.

    I had to get that current probe because my Fluke Scopemeter 95 doesnt have a current range...

    I really wanted a 200 amp one but it turns out most probes like that are also 1mV per amp, so the 2000 amp one just keeps going further rather than being more precise.

    Its great for measuring cranking current. My 1641 reads 50 amps cranking and 16 amps for the solenoid.
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  13. I know , i bought one last week after being a bit silly - something along the lines your `misadventure`...

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  14. Better than it blowing your hand off, I suppose...
  15. Where's that from? Ow mooch!
  16. Farnell, or Megadeath 47 or whatever they call themselves these days.

    Can buy cheaper on eBay from the No 7 Lucky Dragon Genuine Bussman Company. I’ll stick with the Americans, I think.
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  17. Wow, that would be enough to make usea shunt next time :eek:
  18. All pukka meter fuses - the hefty ones that actually provide some protection - are much the same price. They’re not cheap, but they work.
  19. I wasn't shocked at the price, just that next time it makes you think hmmm, perhaps I should use a shunt circuit....
  20. I haven’t got a resistor that hefty!

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