The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. @paulcalf is your man , he`s got previous .... :thumbsup:

  2. Yeah it was years ago, Ill find the thread because i cant remember what to do!
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    Picture on the last page of 2nd link
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  5. Took the stuck brake calliper off, hit it several times before chucking it in the bin and ordered a new one.
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  6. Picture might be useful.
  7. Isn't the complete one put together incorrectly? Thought it was small bit to large bit on the two races.
  8. Like this.[​IMG]

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  9. [​IMG]

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  10. [​IMG]

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  11. Not sure as that would have been how it came off the shaft.. was cleaning them and reassembling them.
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  12. That's the worry, you remove them " working " then discover something isn't as per that point you panic and trawl the internet for new ones!
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  13. Took the flywheel off last night. Somehow it's been moving and the dowel pins have ovaled out the holes on both the crank and the flywheel. The glad nut was tight, so maybe the washer wasn't thick enough?
    Pondering what to do now. Get a recon short block, or get mine repaired. It had loads of end float, so a rebuild was inevitable.

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  14. Luckily I was able to get mine back together, plenty of grease, and seem to be ok so far.
    I would have thought quite a soothing and satisfying job in lockdown.
  15. My job after supermarket queuing!
  16. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  17. The only step left is eight dowelling the crank and flywheel. Then doing up the gland nut very tight.
    Been there..

    I managed to mess mine up leaving the gland nut loose. Then it was eight dowelled , but in the end it went after backfiring caused by an exhaust valve rocker arm sliding sideways on the rocker shaft.

    It cost about £400 turning up with a long block at the garage. I really should have put that money towards another engine.

    Trouble is the new holes need to be a interference fit for the new dowels. If not then the flywheel wobbles off again in the end.
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  18. Day


    Sitting in it....wondering what little job to do.
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  19. Spent 10 hours in it yesterday.

    Work and a sailing club meeting over Zoom.

    Painted over some zits in the paint. This weekend is doing body seams with my latest idea of thin fibreglass filler across the cracking seam then a skim of ordinary filler.

    So far since I drove home from work in it for the last time, I have driven my bus 22 miles. Today going up the farm shop it warmed up properly for the first time.
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  20. Me & Bertie are back on speaking terms. Sanded down the roof again & added another coat of rustoleum.
    Rust treated the gutters & will paint them tomorrow.


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