Tell us about your modified air cooled engine.

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by zedders, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Thanks for that pearl of wisdom Zed....I'll bear it in mind....:D
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  2. Try a Pict carb and a distributer while you figure out the other stuff?
  3. I'm running a stock 034 atm.....just working out the vac draw at different rpm so I can plot a basic map....the load obviously needs to be configured on a dyno, so the first step is to get it in the ball park fuel wise....i'll suss it....:thumbsup:
  4. I have no doubt that you will, but rather you than me. I might buy a posh distributor next time I'm feeling flush though. :)
  5. Currently still outside under a tarp :(

    Although, on a plus note I will be moving it to the new unit shortly... Moved this one down yesterday for finishing!! :)

    But as to the question, I do still remember driving it... Just ;)
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  6. 82 mm. crank
    106mm. Ross pistons
    heads from machine brothers, prepped by JPM,,48/40 valves
    cam from JPM
    2" exhaust ,,Turbo Thomas
    Pauter 1-1,4 rocker arms
    51,5 IDA
  7. Ja! Had it running at 14:00 today,set the timing and fiddled with the carbs a bit,its idling and running ok but im sure when Johannes waves his magic wand on it it will be flying!
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  8. Hey,

    I'm currently doing a bit of work on my lump, was rebuilt by @Paul Weeding a few years ago (can't remember what was done maybe Paul can remember!?, had a cam, some barrels and bigger valves??)

    It was on original L-Jet injection but I'm converting it to Megasquirt, built the ECU from a kit and putting T25 injectors, suzuki stick coils running wasted spark and semi-sequential injection :)

    Also converting it from auto to a 6-rib so hoping to see a BIG difference in performance IF i ever get it running again!!!

    I'll post some photos and perhaps a build thread when I'm done, hopefully it will help people interested in doing the same thing...

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  9. As it was an auto with stock FI, I built a mildly modified 2l based around the spec of a Porsche 914 2l (as that ran a very similar FI system)

    So heads are modified AMC heads, with 42x36 stainless valves.
    Flat top 94mm pistons
    Eurorace C grind cam 270° duration, 0.425in lift

    Should give you a nice little poke once it's up and running on the 6 rib :cool:
  10. A-ha, nice one mate, I thought you'd remember! ;)

    Must admit I can't wait to get it running, it will be awesome to be able to play with fuel mapping on a laptop, WOT enrichment etc. etc. and with a wideband lamda it should be straightforward to get the correct afr.

    I say this like I know what I'm talking about, I don't! I'll just have to figure it out i guess :D
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  12. Lovely engine , I wondered what was missing on my type 4 , the 2 pipes that come up from heat exchangers then into a fan , is the fan an upgrade ?
  13. Nope, that's pretty much a std set up.
    There are a number of different "up tube" configurations depending on where your Bus is from and when it was made but the fan and flexi's remain fairly std throughout.
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  14. Ok thanks that helps a lot , I wonder why my one was removed , are they hard to get hold of ?
  15. If you don't have the pipes fitted, hot air will be sucked back into the engine bay through the holes and give you overheating problems.

    Pipes are available, try VWH or Coolair.
  16. Mine looks like a normal 1600 twinport ,but it is not .....:cool:


    look underneath and you can see I have put two left hand heat exchangers on....:hattip:
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  17. One facing forwards, and one facing backwards? ;)
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