Tell us about your modified air cooled engine.

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by zedders, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. I'll tell you what mine is when I get the fecker running properly...should be good for around 90 BHP, and driveable
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  2. Ooooh getting excited!
  3. 28's were recommended by JPM,this motor is designed with a max revs of 4000.
    He has designed his own cam according to valve sizes,displacement and exhaust.
    He says it will be a reliable,torquey motor with a little more horsepower,about 120.
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  4. I'm interested because mine pulls like a train (134hp peak) from just under 3000 to 6000 with 30's but was considering trying some 28's - sacrificing some top end to get more grunt. Although mine's a T1 based engine it has a similar spec/same valve sizes/carbs.
  5. I will let you know soon how it runs,just got some fuel lines to tighten,connect brake booster hose to manifold and a few little things to do,should be a nerve wrecking but fun day tomorrow!
    Wish me luck!
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  6. Exciting times, he's a renowned builder, it'll be great! You won't need it, but good luck anyway. :thumbsup:
    I'll change my vents I think and see for myself.
  7. Thanks! A nice guy too! He welded a pipe onto my new manifold today for free!
    What spec is your motor?
  8. You're right I haven't posted on this thread and I started it!
    It's 2020cc T1
    Aluminium case
    Wasserboxer 76mm crank
    5.5" balanced rods
    AA 92mm stroker B&P's
    AA 40 x 35.5 heads, 3 angle valve job, tidied ports, high rev single springs
    CR high 8's
    Scat C35 cam (similar to Engle 110)
    Std VW push rods and rocker gear
    DRLA 40's
    VS exhaust and large bore J-tubes.
    Full flow with thermostat, filter and cooler
    228mm T4 flywheel and clutch
    6-rib box.
    The serpentine pulley is now gone, it started to squeel above 3500rpm and after changing belt and the bearings in the tensioner I gave up on it.
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  9. Looks good! Does it drive well? Looks like your crank breather goes into the top of your aircleaner,JPM advised me about not doing that,oil in the fuel reduces the octane rating,i fitted a long hose which goes forward and up the firewall with a crankcase filter on it.Im no expert but just passing on the wise words from the man himself.
  10. But my main question is how much $$$$$ to get to this spec???
  11. wish I to the point where I'd just like it to run sweetly and return decent mpg...additional grunt is a bonus
  12. You're nearly there though. :thumbsup:
  13. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Don't tell him that; he'll break out in a cold sweat at the thought of having to actually use the thing....
  14. Dont rip this yellow snow to much
    I think ill be adopting his approach for a year or two
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  15. Driven it yet ?
  16. Yep already moved that, it pokes down to the road now.
  17. to be brutally honest, when I started this project, my circumstances were completely different, as were my plans for the it's a bit of an albatross to a certain extent, so my attitude towards it has'll no doubt change again when it's up and running, but atm it's a money pit....ask me next week and I may well love it again....:)

    or not.....
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  18. If you can get it running and use it, that would help.
  19. Always helps to get a little sun on your face. and enjoy the open(ish) road :cool:
  20. Can you remember that far back? :D
    How's the fish?

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