Tell us about your modified air cooled engine.

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  1. On the stand, nearly in, i have the nitrous bottle painted to match engine.JPG
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  2. Std 2l 71mm stroke crank
    96mm B&Ps to give 2056cc capacity
    H beam rods
    Eurorace II grind cam
    44x38 heads with dual springs
    9.1:1 compression ratio

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  3. Id imagine the left hand carb should clear the eber
    Get someone whos allready got twin carbs to have a measure up for you so you can see if your likely to have clearance issues

    The most common upgrade for twins on type 1 engines is weber 34 icts
    Better can be had for more money though
  4. Is it your own work?
    If it is then i salute you:hattip:
    If not you must tell us whos work it is as this sort of thing makes me moist in my modding fingers
  5. No leaks!! He's a witch burn him!!!!
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  6. I reckon with low profile filters you could get some twin carbs on there
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  7. If i could do this Paradox, i would be a happy man, unfortunately not, this was the work of Darryn @ DC Customs, Dudley, i did the re assemble, not quite a claim to fame
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  8. Loving the tinware.
    Do tell us your engine spec, we lawnmower powered bus owners get some ribbing on here. :)
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  9. Air Cooled Type 1 2110cc motor, Increased bore & stroke.

    It can go a lot faster than you would want to drive a bus at.
    I have never been overtaken by another camper in it!
    It won't beat a scooby bus off the line or for top speed, but it won't suffer water related breakdowns either!

    80mm counterweight crankshaft
    200mm stock weight flywheel
    90.5 barrels & pistons
    Total seal piston rings
    Mofoc0 40x35.5 valve heads
    Balanced crank
    Web III camshaft
    Scat cam followers
    Balanced conrods
    8 dowel flywheel to match crankshaft
    Barrel spacers
    Swivel feet valve adjusting screws
    Dual Thrust Cam Bearings, steel backed
    200mm clutch centre disk
    1700lb kenedy clutch cover plate
    Full flow oil thing
    External Oil Filter
    Built by Harry Harpics who know what they are doing, i don't!

    Standard Heat Exchangers (for now)
    VW Speedshop Stainless Steel Turbo Muffler 2 ½" (for now)
    Twin Dells
    Engine set up on rolling rd for optimum performance between 2-4k revs, rather than full on speed
    20 mpg (once at least)
    100s of smiles per gallon

    I'm hoping to come to Techenders this September.
    If you are toying with the idea of an aircoled engine upgrade then i will happily take you for a spin.
  10. my 1776
    Vw as41 case full flowed
    90.5mm AA b+p's
    69mm counter weighted forged dpr crank
    Engle 100 cam
    All fully balanced by stateside to '0'
    32mm bug pack super oil pump
    Mofoco 042 heads with s/s 40x35.5 valves
    1:25 rockers
    Vintage speed superflow hideaway zorst
    Vintage speed s/s j-tubes
    Bosch alternator
    123 ignition
    Del drla 40's
    Cb breather tower
    Cb filters and linkage
    Cb slimline sump
    8mm Petronius leads
    36hp style fan shroud
    Cr 8.3:1
    Huco electric fuel pump
    All tin ware freshly powder coated
    At the moment connected to a standard 3 rib box but going to have my box upgraded in the winter
  11. 1641 with progressive carb and preheated air using slightly hacked stock air cleaner.
    And JK stainless single quiet pack exhaust.
    Tuning using permanently fitted PLX wideband sensor.

    Full flow 26mm oil pump HP-1 filter and 12 plate oil cooler in underbelly air scoop with mocal thermostat sandwich plate.
    Fitted to help clean up the metal filings left behind when I left the flywheel gland nut undone and ended up with an eight dowel crank because four holes were elliptical.
    Crack in engine block oilway actually blocked with JB weld ...

    70mph in 30 degrees C air on autoroute to Bordeaux last week, oil at 115 degrees C.
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  12. 2007cc (78X 90.5)
    Engle 110 cam
    40IDF carbs
    heads are semi-hemi cut 041s with 32x35.5mm valves, three angle valve job, by John Maher
    heavy duty rockers and pushrods
    stock balanced conrods
    bottom end dynamically balanced
    200mm clutch with stock disc
    Deep sump, Berg 26mm pump and cover, Fram filter, Mocal thermostat and 16 row cooler under the cargo floor with high power fan
    Welded and balanced fan
    Home made breather box
    Stainless 4-1 JK header with single quiet pack

    Built and installed by Harry Harpics.

    This has been a gem - after 10 years and nearly 50k miles, with only a flywheel oil seal and new float valves and spindle bushes in the carbs (which were second hand). It pulls a 4 wheel tilt bed trailer with a car on it all day at 60mph (e.g. to Germany and back in a weekend) and when not towing it will out accelerate many smaller modern cars. Fuel economy isn't much worse than stock either: 22-24 on a run if you keep it at 70.

    My only complaint is the noise - despite lots of soundproofing, on a long run it is tiring and if you play music, when you slow down you realise its at deafening volume. If anyone has an exhasut system which flows better than stock but is quiet, I'd be interested to hear about it. I also keep thinking about building my own airbox using blow through turbo carb covers. CSP do any airbox, but for £800 I'd want a totally silent van afterwards!
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  13. A previous owner built the motor in my bus. He got in touch after I put it in eBay last year in a moment of madness and gave me a list of spec on it but unfortunately I've just looked and it seems eBay don't store messages for that long so it's gone :( it's a T1 and I remember him saying it had big valve heads, and a 2litre type 4(?) gearbox, as well as the twin 40's, some fancy dizzy and coil (I think) and that it's been bored out to 1676cc (again, I think). I had it set up on a rolling road due to a fuelling issue and it dyno'd at 88hp so it shifts pretty well for a lawnmower motor and isn't horrendous on fuel...about 26mpg :)
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  14. This motor is sitting as I write this in my garage awaiting fitment of newly powder coated tins.

    96x71mm bore/stroke (2056)
    41x34mm valve size to keep the low and midrange as strong as possible,
    bigger valves will only gain in upper rpm.
    8,5-9:1 CR
    JPM custom designed cam
    JPM 7075 billet dual taper pushrods
    IDF 40mm, 28mm main venturie.
    Phyton CSP 42mm exhaust.

    I think its going to work well! Should start tomorrow getting it all buttoned up.
    Should be running by next weekend hopefully...
  15. Is that Ironmans?
  16. That will pull like a train from low down
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  17. Newly rebuilt 1641 twin 40 dells vintage speed exhaust it will do for now until I obviously want more power like yesterday image.jpg
  18. image.jpg Here it is! Should turn the key tomorrow!
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  19. This seems a bit small? It'll be torquey but run out of puff above 4500rpm is my guess. I think you'd get more power with 30's. :)
  20. I am actually now looking forward to the end of summer as I am finally going 1776 for my . Some good inspiration here.

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