Tell us about your modified air cooled engine.

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  1. We're interested in what each other do with their air cooled engines to get more from them, rather than ripping the heart out of them like what that @Baysearcher did. :D

    So - what's your spec, let's get geeky.
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  2. Now I take the mick as much as anyone,,,,,,,....... But

    I am genuinely interested in "performance"mods for stock type 1 1600s

    I mean, mine is slow but I expect it to be.
    If anyone has done simple upgrades that any ole eedjit (moi) could perform then I am actually interested.
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  3. The chappie who works on Holmsens heads and cams has made a 197 BHP 1600.
    I'll find a link to a thread where he details more or less exactly what he did. No good for a bus though, a beetle strip engine.
  4. I tweaked up a 1600 to 90bhp... Again, absolutely useless for a bus engine...

    The amount that you spend getting it to that level you may as well build a bigger displacement engine...

    But back to the initial Q

    2270cc type 4
    78mm stroker crank
    Web 86b cam
    42x38 heads

    Power output is around 160bhp

    I'm currently doing some reworking of the engine...
    Heads 44x38
    EFI with Jenvey 45mm IDF throttle bodies

    I'm also contemplating putting a turbo on it too :thinking:
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  5. jaffa tin wear , gives around 50% more power

  6. Mines been modded for better fuel economy by paul weeding

    He took it apart and put the parts in seperate boxes
    I hardly use any fuel at all now
  7. As a former scooterist I applied my tuning knowledge and installed bigger carbs and shiny exhaust and Im pretty happy with that.
  8. I've got me a 1641 with fast road camshaft. I thought I would uprate this as the engine was being built. Curios to know what else I could put on her to gain a bit more power

    Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.51.52.png

    And the spec on the camshaft, mean nothing to me as I do not know the original spec. I'm guessing it opens the intake sooner and closes the exhaust later?

    Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.57.02.png
  9. CJ 2ltr type 4:
    1.8 heads - 41mm x 34mm valves
    8.0:1 CR
    Standard 2 ltr barrels and pistons
    SCAT 276 deg/0.430ā€¯camshaft and solid followers
    IDF 40 carbs
    Electronic ignition

    Power output is enough to keep up with the traffic and pass tractors and cyclists, even uphill.
  10. Twin carbs is the next upgrade along with a decent flowing exhaust if yours is stock
    Then ported heads
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  11. Don't really have the space for dual carbs as the ever is in the way. Would one massive one do the trick?
  12. Its the central mounting of the carb that causes less than ideal performance
    The only thing thats in the way of fitting twin carbs will be the airfilter box stand

    Honestly a set of twin carbs will make the most noticable difference
  13. [​IMG]

    2 litre, pretty much stock aside from twin 40 dells, vintage speed exhaust and electronic ignition. Loads of torque, great on the hills
  14. [​IMG]

    I modified this 914 1700 engine by melting one side of it on the way home from Santa Pod
  15. [​IMG]

    Jokers bus engine. 1800 bus b+p's, 1800 'big valve' heads, warm eagle camshaft. Waiting for me to delete the head gaskets...

  16. [​IMG]

    AN 914 engine with big valve heads and domed pistons. I modified this by taking all it's ancillaries off and slinging it in the shed. It's waiting for me to pull my thumb out and do something with it :)

    There's a couple more complete engine and some cases and heads and stuff under all the crap.
  17. Do you think I could sneak one in beside the ever then? Can you use sole 34 pict 3's or would I need to buy something more suited?
  18. do you mean eberspacher? It depends on its location
  19. Yes mate, there is a picture in my original post above
  20. Erm, mine's got whatever @Paul Weeding put in it.
    2056cc pistons, some heads and valves, a cam and some rods.
    Some compression.
    No oil leaks.
    44 webers.
    Vintage speed exhaust.
    Around 130hp.
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