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  1. I'm booked in for the day, starting at 9.00.
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    A day?? It'll only take a couple of hours tops.
  3. Ok mate if it takes longer than a few hours I can meet you at Interpro if you like and go and get a brew/scoff
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  5. :D:D
    Yeehaaaaaa! :D:D:D:D:D:D:worship:
  6. I liked the little bum wiggle every time he revved it up :lol:
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  7. I had to go and have a loooooong shower!
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  8. If Paul's done his job right it won't take that long... :)

    Sounds cool, vintage speed zorst are the future. :thumbsup:

    Sounds a bit meaty that, whats the anticipated ballpark hp? Just so we can back you up in your complaint in 2 years time when its 2hp down...
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  9. TBH I don't know.
    What do you think Paul?
    I might run a sweepstake with a mystery prize. :)
  10. My guess is 118
  11. 102.5 bhp
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  13. Did he build it for torque or bhp ?
  14. How many miles are you putting on the engine before the rolling road run?
    If its still a fresh engine they wont do a proper power run through the complete rpm range

    Its normally set up by the builder
    Rolling road to check and adjust the fueling etc but not pushed that hard
    Few hundred miles bedding in
    Then a service and back on the rolling road for a proper power run and any further tweaks
  15. I'll play... 112 :)
  16. Driveability. :)
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  19. It'll be bedded in as per Paul's instructions then approx 200 miles, full service and check then down to the dyno.
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