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  1. There is one on the Trading Est just after the runway lights at Brize, where 5A's are
  2. Are they any good?
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  4. Pretty much straight away dude... I used to use a place that was 15/20 miles from where I was, when I was down in Northampton... so build engine, break in cam, oil change, check valve gaps, carb linkage, and timing, then drive to the rolling road.

    Like I said, you NEED to get the jetting checked, as it means the engine is fuelling correctly, and you're not bore washing/running lean!! :)
  5. Do you know the name? Northampton is only an hour from me.
  6. Rolling road is essential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. Mass Racing
    Unit 8
    Sand Road Industrial Estate
    Sand Road
    SG19 3AH


    You'll wet your pants there dude!! They have full on dyno rooms, and build high end race engines :)
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  8. Excellent, on the way to @zed's. I can feel a trip coming on. :)
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  9. Just take it steady until it has been over the RR and they've set up the carbs!!

    Then give it a big boot full and scare yourself :lol:
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  10. You could always try Interpro over my way fella, Jason is their air cooled man, he set my carbs up for me.
  11. Changed your mind?
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  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Jason's good. Knows his air cooled onions as he's also an engine builder.
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  13. So somewhere near you then.
    Biscuits at the ready!
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  14. No problem :thumbsup:
  15. Well it's in and running... Mammoth day, as I had to shift vehicles to get the rear end in the shed as the weather went bad and it was trying to rain as I was trying to get the engine all buttoned up!! :eek:

  16. Does it go brrroooombaaa?
  17. Just waiting on youtube to finish uploading ;)
  18. Booked in for 8th April.
    Are you working?
  19. I'm on lates so I'll be around all morning up until about 2pm, my work is only a couple of miles from Interpro too. What time are you booked in for and how long are they needing it?

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