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  1. Top ones would look ok on a Transit burger van. :)
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  2. Always been a big fan of genuine gas burners ,but at a couple of grand a set I've never got round to it ..
  3. Depends on where you go... :lol:

    My mate who did the stickers is in st ives in cornwal, and things definitely slow down, down there!!

    But it's definitely a different way of life this side of the border!! :cool:
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  4. I don't like busy wheels... 5 spoke every time :thumbsup:
  5. The missing studs are the ones that span up, as per your post, spent ages wedging stuff behind to get the buggers out.
    Stop eating chocolate for lunch and get on with that Earlybay, you'll feel better when it's out of the workshop.
  6. There's another prototype hiding in the paintshop I want out of there too, I didn't show you that one. A real beauty but it's been hiding in there since September! It had a new engine fitted in November and I haven't even started it yet. :lol: :eek:

    It's all gone wrong since I quit the tabs.
  7. They're trouble these Earlybays, I'd steer clear if I were you, in fact, just give me your one and I'll find a worthy recipient. ;)
  8. We're not that bad, we like to get to things 'Dreckly' (mañana without the rush)
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  9. I lived in Tavistock for about 9 months... Driving to Plymouth, which is less than 20 miles, would quite often take over an hour!! :confused:
  10. Must have been a clear road that day to go that fast!
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