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  1. :cool:
  2. Pretty good. :)
    A bit of popping and banging when cold but fine after 5 mins.
    Awesomely quick in 1st and 2nd, in fact if it wasn't for the clutch wear, 1st would be redundant! 3rd is a good strong gear, feels nice putting your boot down and actually feeling the sensation of acceleration as opposed to having to stare at the speedo to check if you are actually going any faster.
    4th (as previously stated) is mahoosively long, even longer than the std Freeway Flyer, this means a big jump from 3rd but it gives really relaxed cruising at 70mph.
  3. I 'relaxed' all the way back from Cornwall at 90 (genuine, I kid you not)....the engine was never quite the same after that :D
  4. A good writhe up how it feels driving a 2056 :thumbsup: and the best part is, it's bullitt proof combination.
  5. Fitted up the heat risers, heater pods and flexi tubes (all s/hand as I'm skint). :)
    Finally got it all together having made some cable bolts for the pod valves and "bodged" some pipes onto the heater.
    For the 1st time ever I have HOT air coming from the vents before I even turn on my booster bilge fan. :)
    Just in time for the temp to go over 20 degrees! :(
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  6. Now that you've clocked up some miles, you should go round the carb nuts, and the ones for the manifold to head, just make sure they are still nipped up nicely... The gaskets have a habit of crushing down a little with the heat cycling!! :)
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  7. Torque wrench is calibrated and waiting, it's a Sunday job. :) Along with dropping the oil, banging on a new filter, tappets have been done.
    Gonna check and adjust brakes, grease beam, change shocks as well. Should be all ready for when we get back from South Africa. :)
    BTW what happened to the undertins? Are there deliberately none fitted?
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  8. Your old ones don't work with those HXs... And the correct ones don't work with the in between pieces that connect them round cylinders 1 & 3... But I will be making you all 4 pieces once I've moulded the in between pieces!! :)
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  9. Went round the whole lot the only loose (ish) ones were the carb to manifold ones.
    Changed the oil (again) and went out to annoy the locals. :)
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  10. Also adjusted brakes, fitted a Rose joint throttle pedal linkage and sorted that dodgy rear wheel stud.
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  11. image.jpg
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  12. @Paul Weeding: Where's my stickers! Or isn't 1,911 cc worthy of them?
  13. :lol: I've got them in the draw... I managed to pin my buddy down and they were made a couple of weeks before TBRs engine was finished!! :eek:

    Only took 18 months to get them made :lol:
  14. Opinions please.
    Just got Bill's wheels back and I think they look better on Ted (ignore the missing wheel studs/bolts, that I'm blaming on @zed the proffer of doom).
    Bills wheels on Ted.

    Teds original wheels.
  15. With your new perfect stance
    Id say you need wella steel wheels:thumbsup:

    Im not a fan of alloys on a stock height bus
  16. Does time slow dramaticly once you go further north than me?;)
  17. I have a thing about "wrong" alloys. I just love 'em.
    Bill's ones are 72 Mercedes 14" with 205 tyres. They look so right to me and will ride lovely on those big sidewalls.
    My 4x4 has 20" drift wheels from a Nissan on it with Porsche Cayenne tyres, absolutely mahoosive but actually look right on a big 7 seater.
  18. The originals :thumbsup:
  19. Whats it gotta do with me? BTW they both look awful, I'm surprised you're not embaressed to be seen in Ted with those. No matter, they'll probably fall off or Mrs topbanana will kerb them now she's driving... :D

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