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    Is the. GE code case significant? Just started looking at tearing mine down and it's a GE?
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  4. I have the history for Ted and there's no mention of a case change.
    I'd say it was a strange thing to do, if you had a 2.0 case, surely you'd rebuild it as a 2.0? Or at least bigger than stock?
  5. American import isn't it?

    It's clearly had some case work/cleaning done, as the galleries have been drilled and tapped....

    But a case is a case, it's the crank and pistons that makes the litreage... one could assume that it's a 2l.. but you won't know until you pull it down :)
  6. If you want a nice little running in trip, pop down to me for a brew so I can take a look at it :)
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  7. So it's possible that's it's a knackered wheezy 2.0l.
    Could give me something to do over the summer. :)
  8. i did think the milage seemed massive on an unrebuilt engine
  9. It shows a top end rebuild at 180,000, they must have included the cases!!!! Or have been fibbing to the PO.
    If it is a 2.0l it would explain why it felt as fast as Peasoup's, whatever it is, it was definitely old, leaky and wheezy. (much like the owner) :)
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  10. I'll be popping this in this afternoon.... ;)

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  11. that's teasing. What is the specification on that?

    Also, what is all that red Marmitee all over the front of the fanhousing? I hope you've knocked money off for the advertisment
  12. Holy molly !! what a beauty
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  13. is that a T25 case?
  14. that'll never run, theres some ruddy bits missing :eek:

    'th apprentice musta knocked it up one afty :lol:
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  15. Dang that was a long day... Skipped my tea and got the motor in just as it was going dark!!

    Quick shot before it went in...
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  16. I think I've just made a mess in my trousers!
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  17. 2056cc, H beam rods, eurorace II grind cam, and 44 x 38 valves in modified 1700 heads, with a conservative 9.2:1 compression ratio :thumbsup:

    Builders prerogative ;) Only vinyl stickers, so easily removed if TBR doesn't like them :)

    Yep, T25 case... gets rid of the leaky breather cap :cool:
  18. :D
  19. :lol: Cheeky ;)
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  20. I guess I should get Ted dyno'd when we get home.
    Any recommendations for someone within a reasonable distance?
    And after how long should it be done?

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