Stuart Hall - Jimmy Saville- Gary Glitter how many more ?

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  1. In theory cos he is dead we can blame Saville for everything...

    He did pass me on the Leeds marathon with 6 miles to go ,I did think at the time, maybe a skinfull the night before is no good if your running 26 miles the next day...:D

    I did see Gary glitter and wanted to be in his gang...tuesday_wildchild
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  2. Were you in your Bus at the time?
  3. in the leeds marathon ,he did 3 hrs 28 I did about 3.45 ,I did do it in my army boots...:D

    I will let you have a go on my frog keyboard...:thumbsup:
  4. I await much vilification. :eek:
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  7. I feel sorry for the rest of the glitter band ...there losing a lot of brass because of Gazza . I wonder if they have tried to get compensation
  8. I can't quite get my head around why Bill Wyman was never investigated, is it ok then to have sex with an underage girl if it was only the one and it was a long time ago? Or are the media sometimes a bit selective in who they go after?
  9. Saville still owes me a Jim'll fix it badge for 'milking that cow' in that dark room,the tosser!
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  10. Ah - but didn't Wyman marry her when she was 16 - and she didn't make a complaint.
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    Was the high placed politician Ted Heath then?
  12. It does help in trial by media cases that the defendant is dead thus allowing plenty of pages of guesswork to be published....
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  13. More like under THEN up

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