Stuart Hall - Jimmy Saville- Gary Glitter how many more ?

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  1. No problem moons, being ceo of Tesco you will have enough to worry about!
  2. every little helps....
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    See the scouts are handling things in the official fashion (payouts = no names)
  4. Moons

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    ? I don't follow......
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    your avatar?
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    Come to think of it....there were rumours and allegations made about one of the helpers at my local scout group....I'd totally forgotten about it until just now:eek:

    From vague memory, it was abit of a running joke between the kids i used to knock about with...guess at that age, we never understood the implications....and that's how the f*ckers get away with it
  7. one of the guys i used to work with was at Altrincham Grammar when Fred Talbot was a teacher there...he said much the same thing...rumours were rife but no one did anything about it....
  8. Poptop2

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    So to sum this up. Perverts are rife in all walks of life. You get protected if you're a living celebrity or political figure or even hierarchy in the judicial system. If you're dead it's okay to reveal all and hopefully money from you're estate will make everything better for the people who suffered torment, denial and injustice.

    On the other hand, if you are from a lower class and get caught you're well and truly going down and getting what all the perverts should get... Good

    If there was any real justice in this country they would all get the same treatment imo and all have their wealth distributed amongst the victims. And be locked up. After all, they are all the lowest of the low in my book!
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    Amended for you :)

    All forms of cover up is aborant but when organisations/individuals refuse to recognise their past (or present) failings and buy their way out of 'a difficult situation' and therefore sidestep the legal process that speaks more of their guilt than anything else.
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  10. Moons

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    This 'senior' inquiry is something else isn't it.

    Two chairs 'resign' and now they have released information of victims online. Who have then received death threats.

    Who would be threatening them? Why?

    The skeptic in me wonders if now they can offer compensation and hopefully these people will go away - I mean, most of the perpetrators will be dead and the cash softens the blow no?

    Except it doesn't, and I do not think the victims are after that at all - the way the establishment is trying to get away from this is dismaying.
  11. Poptop2

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    You won't get to the bottom of this, too many newspapers running scared mate.
  12. I think the chances of the truth coming out are about the same a Tony Blair being convicted for war crimes, or the Rothschilds' backed Zionists being outed for demolishing the World Trade Centre and funding the murders of half a million Iraqi civilians (amongst many other things)

    read it and weep
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    Unsure why it would fall to the press...there are standards and boards of enquiry in Westminster...
  14. Poptop2

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    Are you being purposely naive?

    Without reporting in the press it will go quietly to bottom of the interest pile and go away.
  15. Fred Talbot was my Biology teacher at Alty Boys in 84 , he left in a hurry due to an affair with a 6th former , my Mother was a teacher there.
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  16. The cover up is immense - allegedly there will be members of parliament (cabinet), judiciary, high ranking police and even royal family involved - hence the alleged death threats.
  17. Moons

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    More a concern that the press, certainly in print, is dying on its arse...which leaves dear old Aunty and Murdoch and his cohorts....

    Still, the truth on Airstrip One will be digital

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    i watch this a lot
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  19. Here's Cameron's enlightened view on peadophilia, following an incident on Daytime Television:

    After being handed the list, which Schofield had assembled after trawling the internet for three minutes, the Prime Minister warned that internet discussions of an alleged paedophile ring could degenerate into a "witch-hunt" against people who are gay.
  20. Moons

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    No way our Prime Minister could have simply stated that that type of sex crime is no more related or probable in the gay community as it is in the straight one - he could have chosen to say that, simple and straight.

    Instead, he implied a link.

    The celery.

    This is the way, distract and promote:

    This clip always reminds me of all those programs about benefit cheats, and how ones about tax dodgers never get made.
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