FOR SALE Shiny 1979 T2 with Subaru engine and gearbox Fresh Paint and more

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by RustyMonkeyBus, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Ok , so my eBay advert ended , I think as the general consensus seems I will be painting the roof changing the bumpers and the wheels , if any one has any further suggestions (i have noted the stereo point) , I will listen to ideas and re advertise in a little while
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  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with the roof. I like it.

    Unless desperate to sell then I'd suggest waiting a bit.

    Why not listing on eBay at £8K with reserve for minimum you'll accept.
  3. Baysearcher

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    Same here apart from the price bit!
    It's worth every penny of the original price, I certainly wouldn't be dropping it any further unless desperate to sell it.
    I wish I was in the market, I'd be all over this like a rash!
  4. I think price is fine as well but just to see if there is any interest at a lower price. It's then up to op to decide whether to sl at lower price or not.

    If I was in market I too would be over this.
  5. Ditto exactly that, I'd buy it at the original price and still feel like I was robbing you.
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  6. Sooooo paint the roof or leave it , gonna cost £200 notes so it's worth it if it will get it sold at a better price ?
  7. Just leave it. A white roof ain't going to change anything.

    If anything I think it'll look crap
  8. OK, before I get anything painted (well apart from the standard wheels as they are done already ) I have listed it on ebay one last time with no reserve !
  9. But how many black roof buses do you see? Its about appealing to 'new' purchasers, I wouldn't even mention too much about the engine conversion just mention the positives more fuel efficient and reliable.
  10. I think black matches nicely. White I don't think would match very well.
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  12. 322172397190
  13. No reserve auction!
    Hope it turnouts okay for you! It would be a shame if someone got a steal on such a nice van.
  14. Best of luck, looks nice in the Ebay photographs. I still think that putting Subaru engine etc in the title line might put some people off. Anyway as I said best of luck.
  15. Trouble with the flip.side of that is I don't want people to bid and not know it has a subaru in as I have found people don't read the auctions at the best of times
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    ive bid :)
  17. davidoft

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    don't bid more than me ;)

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